Clogged or Frozen Condensate Drain Line in Henderson, NV; Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside & Other Signs

The condensate drain line is an important piece to the overall HVAC system. Although the condensate drain line is not mechanical, it still does require attention so that it never gets clogged or develops other problems. When problems occur, they should be resolved quickly to prevent additional damage and other problems with the air conditioning system. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some of the common signs that there is a problem with the condensate drain line.

HVAC Condensate Drain Line Design

To know what problems to look for it is important to know what is the rules of the condensate drain line are. The air conditioner as well as the heating unit uses a forced air system that adjusts the temperature and humidity of the outside air. During this process of heating or cooling, the air will naturally generate condensation. As condensation builds up it will gather and form enough water that it will need to be directed away from the home. The condensate pan collects the dripping condensation. Then, at the end of the pan there is the drain line that directs the water away from the home. If there is a problem with the drain line, it can result in water damage, mold, and rot.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside

When there is a water leak coming from the attic or even coming out of the air vents, the condensation isn’t being redirected properly. Water leaks underneath the air conditioner is a sign that something is wrong with the drainage system. When leaks occur it can be due to the drain line itself. It might be clogged which means the water has begun leaking over the pan. Other times the leak may be due to a rusted condensate pan. The condensate pan can rust and small holes can develop which allows the water to leak out of the pan and into the home. The pan will need to be replaced.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line can become clogged which leads to leaks. When the condensate drain line is clogged it can cause leaks to occur not just at the beginning of the condensate pan but also somewhere within the line itself. The drainage line is usually a PVC pipe that is jointed together. When there is a clog, the leak will usually occur at the joints. Typically there is not enough pressure to break the pipe but they can crack as they age. Leaks coming from various portions of the drainage line indicate it is clogged and needs to be cleaned out.

Frozen Condensate Drain Line

Not too common of a problem here in Nevada but worth mentioning is that during the winter the condensate drain line can freeze up and cause a blockage. If ice forms inside the pipe it can expand and break the drainage pipe. Only during our more intense winters is this an actual problem. Additionally, ice only forms when there is another problem such as poor insulation. Frozen drainage lines are rare but can happen. When leaks seem to occur out of nowhere during the winter, it could be due to a frozen drainage line.

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With proper maintenance you should never encounter problems with your condensate drain line. During routine maintenance, the condensate pan is inspected for holes or rust, and the drainage line is cleared out. However, if any of these signs emerge, be sure to contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.