Clogged or Dry AC Condensate Drain Line Problems in Summerlin, NV? Need to Unclog & More

An air conditioning system naturally develops condensation that will drip from your evaporator coils. A drainage system is put in place to collect the dripping condensation and safely directs the water away from the home. However, sometimes the condensate drainage system can develop a problem that often results in water leaking into the home. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common condensate drainage problems and how they can be corrected.

How Does a Condensate Drainage System Work?

Before we get into some of the common problems your condensate drainage system can develop, it helps to understand how the drainage system works. Underneath the evaporator coils is a steel pan that captures the condensation. In the pan is a drain where the water flows through and out. Part of the drainage system is the condensation’s trap where water will intentionally get trapped in. The trap is a “U” shaped pipe that hold the water. The water that sits in the trap prevents air and bad gases from entering through the drainage system. The trap keeps the water or bad odors from entering through the HVAC system. However, if something goes wrong with the drainage system, you will have bad odors and or a leak.

Dry AC Drain Line Trap

One common problem that can occur is when that “U” shaped trap is dry. It is important for water to collect in the drain trap. If the drain trap is dry it will allow bad odors, gases and debris from outside to get inside the drainage system, leading to clogs. The trap may dry out due to inactivity, or during the winter when the A/C isn’t in use. Often the drain trap is checked during a routine tune-up. If you haven’t tuned-up your air conditioner yet there is a possibility your trap is dry. If you discover bad odors coming from your air conditioner, check the condensation drain trap. If it is dry, pour water into the drain pan and the water will enter the trap. Check for breaks in the trap as there is a possibility that the trap is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Clogged AC Drain Line

Blockages or clogs can occur in a number of different places in the condensate’s drainage system. Starting with the pan’s drain, the drain where the water flows through can become blocked. Any blockage or clogs in the drainage system will result in the pan overflowing, causing water leaks. Check the drain and see if it has been blocked. Next check the drain trap and see if mold or algae has caused the trap to develop the blockage. You will want to clean out the pan and trap. If you cannot locate the blockage, it could be somewhere else in the line and it will need to be cleared out.

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