Clogged Dryer Vent Symptoms; Smells Like Burning, Not Drying Clothes Completely or Heating Too Much. If so, you Need a Professional Cleaning!

Did you know that a clogged dryer vent is the cause of more than 15,500 house fires in the United States every year? These fires could have easily been avoided by home owners if they would have made sure that their dryer vents were cleaned out and clear. Dryer vents often go unnoticed or forgotten which is unfortunate when they are the main cause of a disastrous house fire. Lint and other debris can build up in your dryer hose and vent duct, reducing air flow which will back up the exhaust gases and eventually cause a fire.

Dryer Not Drying Clothes Completely

There are a handful of signs to keep your eye out for, that will let you know your dryer vent needs to be professionally cleaned out to prevent your home from starting on fire. Laundry is my favorite household chore, said no one ever. Pulling clothing from your dryer that isn’t completely dry can be frustrating, especially if you have cycled through two or three times already. If the drying time for your loads of laundry is beginning to take longer and longer each time, then your dryer vent is in need of cleaning. When your clothes are not completely dry at the end of a cycle, hot moist air is not able to be pushed out of your dryer, which means there is something in the vent that is preventing it to do so.

Clothes Dryer Heating Element

Another common sign that occurs when a dryer vent is clogged or blocked is if your clothes are extremely hot when you remove them from the dryer. If you are getting burned by snaps, buttons or belts because they have gotten so hot while in the dryer, you may want to check out your dryer vent. If your dryer itself is hot to the touch after or throughout a cycle, this is another sign that your vent is clogged. Your clothes and your dryer should not be so hot that they burn you. This means that the vent is not exhausting properly, and this occurrence will also waste a great deal of energy.

Dryer Smells Like Burning Hair

Some homeowners complain that they can smell a burning scent coming from their dryer. This is a sure sign that your vent needs to be cleaned out as soon as possible. Lint is extremely flammable and will catch on fire. The lint can build up in your dryer’s exhaust tube, lint trap and even in the drum casing. If the lint gets too hot, it will start on fire and you, your family and your home will be in danger. It is most important to empty your lint trap often, after ever cycle if you can remember.

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