Clogged & Blocked Condenser Coils Symptoms in North Las Vegas, NV; Poor Performance & More

The winter has come to an end and the need to turn on the air conditioning unit is fast approaching. The unit has been sitting idly for moths while the heater has been warming you up. When you are ready to change from heat to cool you need to be sure that you have your unit in good condition. After all those months of rest the dirt and potential damage could have gone unnoticed. One area that needs to be looked at and maintained are the condenser coils. They are a huge part of the unit being able to cool the air. That means that when they become dirty you may start to notice the unit working too hard. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning explains what condenser coils are and why they need to be kept clean and clear.

What Are Condenser Coils in an Air Conditioner?

The coils can be found on the unit that is set on the exterior of your home. They are there to facilitate that hot air that builds up in your home and needs to be removed. The coils job is to pull and cycle that heated air so that it can be replaced with cooler air. The coils play a very significant role in the efficiency of the unit and when they are damaged or dirty the entire unit will suffer.

How Do Condenser Coils Get Dirty?

The coils can become dirty from the dirt that is in the air in your home. The filters needs to be changed out on a regular basis to stop the particles from getting through the system. The coils can also become dirty from the outside elements. When the wind is blowing or raining, dirt can start to cake on the coils and other areas of the unit that will need to be cleaned.

What Happens when AC Coils are Dirty?

When the coils are dirty and not cleaned properly the efficiency of your unit will suffer. You will start to see that in your power bill since the unit has to work harder for the same result. You may start to see that the home does not cool down as quickly as it did when they were clean. It can actually cause your unit to go out sooner than normal. The unit may need to be replaced sooner since it will working harder than it needs to.

How to Clean AC Condenser Coils

There are several things as a homeowner that you can do to keep your coils from getting dirty. The first step is to be sure that you clear away any and all debris that is around the unit. If you have trees or shrubs that are growing near the unit you need to keep them trimmed and cleared from the unit. You also need to brush away dirt that is getting around the exterior of the unit as well. This should be done on a regular basis to ensure that it is kept clean and able to work efficiently.

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