Clearing Clogged Central Air Conditioner Condensate Drainage Line, Fixing Holes in Drain Pan & More in Eldorado, NV

The condensate drainage line helps to capture and prevent water from leaking inside your home. There can be a number of different problems that occur with the condensate drainage system. When there is a problem with the condensate drainage system, it can cause water leaks and problems with the air conditioner. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common problems with the condensate drainage system and its symptoms.

What is the Air Conditioner Condensate Drainage System?

The condensate drainage system is made up of a few different parts. One is the condensate drainage pan, which as the name suggests, is a large pan that sets underneath the indoor unit. As the heater and air conditioner is running, it can form condensation that will drip off of the unit. The condensate drainage pan will capture the water droplets and prevent water damage. Part of the condensate drainage system is the drainage pipe that connects to the pan. This piping runs throughout the home and outside where the water can drip safely outside.

AC Condensate Drain Pan

A number of things can go wrong with the condensate drainage pan. Most of them lead to leaks and mild water damage. One common problem for an older or aged HVAC system is for the condensate drainage pan to develop rust and holes throughout the pan. Rust can eat through the metal pan and cause holes where the water can leak out. Another common problem is for the drainage hole on the pan to become clogged and water can leak out of the pan. As the condensate drainage pan develops rust or holes, it is time to replace the pan. The HVAC system should be tuned up and or serviced once a year. At this time, the pan drain is cleaned to prevent clogs. However, if water damage occurs, check the pan as its drain may need to be cleaned.

AC Condensate Drain Line Design

Connecting to the condensate pan is the line or piping system that redirects all of the water away from the home. In a few rare cases this pipe can break and cause leaks. Water stains will from around the break which can help direct you to the site. The piping can be repaired, or if it is very old, it may need to just be replaced. In most cases, the pipe will develop a blockage where the water will build up and come back out of the pan. Blockages can occur anywhere in the line. To help clear the line, an HVAC technician will come and use an air compressor machine and force air through the pipe which will clear out the blockage. If the blockage is formed due to mold or algae inside the pipe, it will need a chemical cleaner to kill and remove the algae or mold.

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It is important to properly maintain your air conditioning system and have it serviced regularly so you are less likely to develop problems in condensate drainage systems and other major components. For quality HVAC services contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.