Chemical, Sewer, Gas, Musty, Smoke Exhaust & Other Smells from Furnace in Tuscany Village, NV

When you walk in the house and you smell an odor that is unpleasant you can usually pinpoint it. There could be a bag of dirty gym clothes in the house or your pet could have left you a little present by the back door. The odors you smell in your house can be frustrating and most people want to find the source and stop it from occurring. The interesting thing is that there are appliances in your house that can cause odors in your home that are a sign there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Your heating system is something you want to be able to use and you should not smell anything when it is running. There are some smells you never want to smell and if you do it is important to call a professional right away. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning lists smells you might get from your heater.

Furnace Smells Like Rotten Egg

When it comes to smells that you do not want to have in your house rotten eggs is the top of the list. Unless you have a pack of eggs that have gone bad and you crack them all open with the doors shut this is a smell that should be an alert to danger. The smell is not occurring naturally but is an additive as a way to protect people. The smell comes when the natural has that is used to for your heater has a leak. The gas does not have a smell naturally but it has been added because it is an odorless colorless gas that is fatal if you are not careful. You want to make sure that if you smell rotten eggs you open all the doors and windows to the house and get outside. You need to make sure that the repair is made and the area is safe before you go back in the house.

Furnace Smells Musty

There is another smell that you may start to smell in your house. When the heater is being used and the house starts to have a musty smell like a sweaty gym bag it can be a sign that there is a problem. The smells that you are getting are often due to a problem with bacteria that could be in the heating unit or in the duct work. This is due to the heat as well as moisture that can cause bacteria and this creates an odor that is unpleasant. You want to make sure that the bacteria is treated to remove the odor.

Burning Smell from Furnace

Lastly you want to be cautious of burning smells that might happen when you use the heater. The heater of course is creating heat and that can cause elements to burn and heat as well. If you smell some burning and it is the first time you turned it on it can be normal. This is usually the dust burning off that has accumulated over the summer months. If it lasts more than a few minutes you want to have the unit inspected and repaired.

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