Central Heating & Furnace Preventative Maintenance Tips in Las Vegas NV; Cleaning, Inspection & Troubleshooting

Everything that keeps home a functioning should be well maintained and properly cared for. Your home’s heating system is no different. With the winter months on the way, it is a good investment to manage your heating system to extend it’ functioning capability life and efficiency.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to provide some preventative maintenance heating advice to help you stay warm this winter.

Thorough cleaning. Your system will do be running smoothly with a detailed cleaning just before its running season, and at the end. It is recommended a professional be hired for this task. An expert from Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has the experience and training required for ensuring your system receives a meticulous cleaning and inspection. Cleaning your system of dirt and debris will enhance performance. It is also important to sweep the furnace area and remove any clutter. Your furnace will run more efficiently, and this will prevent fire hazards.
Filters inspection. Inspect your filters routinely. The filter on your furnace should be cleaned of pollutants and dirt to keep your furnace running well and to keep your air quality high. Air filters should also be regularly replaced every three months or so (more if needed) to ensure your system is running efficiently.
Ductwork search. Confirm your ducts are free from cracks, holes, or gaps. Air will leak out which will increase energy bills and decrease heating productivity. Having a professional inspect your ductwork will guarantee the performance of your heating system.
Inspect Furnace.
• Check to make sure your furnace’s pilot light is burning. Some furnaces are designed to be relit. Refer to your manual if flame is distinguished. If you are reluctant to handle this on your own, a skilled professional from Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can assist.
• As mentioned before, check and clean filter of all dirt and debris. View the blower and follow suit if there is dirt and debris present.
Keep blower motor lubricated. Refer to your manual for instructions, or contact a professional.
Remove the flame shield on probe for corrosion. Check the flame with the fan both running and switched off to confirm proper operation.
Observe the flue. If you should notice gaps or dents, correct the issue immediately and make sure there is proper ventilation to the outdoors.
Vacuum dust from all the air registers around your home.
Check the vents, and make sure they are free from clutter.

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Keeping your heating system in working order is just as important as making sure your air conditioning unit is capable, your power is functioning, and the appliances are behaving. If you should find any areas of concern, have any questions or require a skilled technician to aide you with your heating systems, call for a specialist at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the expertise to keep your home warm this winter!