Central Air Conditioning vs. Window Units in Las Vegas

Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months is one of the most important priorities for Las Vegas home owners. A cool refreshing home is most welcoming during this time of year. It takes hard work to keep your home properly cooled and there are usually two options you can go with to cool your home. One is a central air conditioning unit and the other is a window air conditioning unit. These days consumers are more focused on conserving energy than ever before. This keeps utility costs low and saves money. However, just because a window unit uses less energy does not make it more efficient. It is important to find the right balance between being cost effective and energy efficient.

Whole Home Cooling Central Air Conditioning Units

A central air unit is responsible for the majority of the energy usage in your home. An average size central air conditioning unit usually uses about 3500 watts, while one window unit uses about 1440 watts to run. This may make you think that a window unit is the way to go when choosing how to cool your home and save energy. However, do not forget to consider that a central air conditioning unit cools your entire home, while a window unit only cools the room that it is connected to. Consider how many rooms in your home you would like to be cooled, then do the watt math on how much energy will actually be used. You may find that a central air unit is much more efficient that a window air conditioning unit.

Mold Producing Window Air Conditioning Units

A negative aspect of window air conditioning units is the ability they have to produce a mold friendly environment. The humidity the window air conditioner draws from the air deposits on the cooling coils inside the unit. This moisture plus dust creates a healthy mold growing environment. Breathing these mold spores that appear can trigger allergy symptoms; such as coughing, watery eyes and a runny nose. Mold also triggers breathing restrictions in people who suffer from asthma. If you do decide to go with a window unit, inspect the coils regularly for any sign of mold growth to protect you and your family from the health risks of mold.

Professional Air Conditioning Service

Although central air conditioning systems cost more to install and use more energy than other appliances in your home, they produce a much more effective flow of cool air; flowing throughout your entire home. Regular maintenance checkups for your central air system will maintain a properly working unit and save you in any major repair costs. If your unit is in need of an inspection or repair, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning for the best air conditioning service available.