Central Air Conditioning Unit Replacement in Desert Shores, NV; AC Unit Size Calculator

Living in the Las Vegas desert is crucial for having a properly sized and efficiently operating HVAC system. Facing extremely hot temperatures from May, sometimes as early as March or April, through September, and sometimes even in October, you need a reliable air conditioning system, and once the cold temperatures set in during winter in the desert, your heating system needs to be up to par as well. Whether you are building a custom home or looking or looking to upgrade a replacement, there is much to consider in order to make sure it is the right size and more for your home that we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share today.

AC Unit Size Calculator

There is no simplified one size fits all square footage answer when it comes to selecting the right size. More often than not, a standard formula based solely on square footage results in a system that is too big. Paying for a larger system creates costly results down the road, including increased energy bills. To factor the right size system, there are quite a few variables. Hiring a professional such as Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can ensure that the system is appropriate for your home. A few factors include the following:
1) Number of Windows Affects Size of AC Units: An effect on the size of unit you select includes how many windows you have. Not only the number is important, but so is the placement, particularly number of sunshine hours they all receive. The number of panes the window has can also play a factor in the overall efficiency of the home and the window treatments configures into the calculations.
2) AC Unit Placement: The home’s placement impacts the overall efficiency and the amount of work your HVAC system is forced to do. During the summer, it is ideal to have the landscaping thoughtfully designed to provide indigenous shade trees to help improve your system’s efficiency by as much as 20%.
3) Weather Stripping & Sealants: Air leaks out of homes easily when it is not properly sealed. Weather stripping is installed around doors and windows to prevent outside air to come inside and conditioned air from leaking outside. The rest of the home with the appropriate caulk and patch work should also be considered to optimize your HVAC replacement.
4) Insulation: A major factor in maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature is the type and amount of insulation you have for your home. In the load calculations to determine size, the home’s R-value should be included. When the ductwork is installed, additional insulation that is required can be added.

Incorrect HVAC System Size Consequences

The system won’t seem to run consistently, for example, throughout the day it will either go nonstop or operate in short bursts when it is not properly sized. Also, more moisture in your space will buildup as it becomes less and less inadequate to remove the moisture, leading to mold growth and poor indoor air quality. Oversized HVAC systems creates other issues, though some think overly large units can be beneficial, it is a detriment. Too large of a unit doesn’t run long enough to condense the air that accumulates on the coils, which ineffectively dehumidifies the air, once again leading to excessive moisture issues. The noises increase because of the inefficient operation. In the end, you pat for higher energy use, increase repairs because of the exertion the unit endures, and the environment is unpleasantly noisy and moist.

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To ensure accuracy in getting the HVAC system installed to maximize performance and promote longevity, and maintain affordable operating costs, you want an expert HVAC contractor making the necessary calculations. Call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today for your replacement needs.