Central Air Conditioning Facts in Paradise, NV; Most AC Problems Are Due to Electrical Malfunctions & More

Do you ever wish we had real winters and four distinct seasons? Does the thought of snow make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? On a brighter note, we are pretty lucky to live in a place where natural disasters rarely strike, but with that blessing comes our karma… THE HEAT! Las Vegas is notorious for its hot, dry, summers. People come from all around the globe to soak up some rays and enjoy the pools… In February! Okay, maybe not quite that early in the year, but you get the point. It’s not unheard of for us to get upwards of 115 degrees outside on a normal July or August day. For residents of Las Vegas, our air conditioning units are our best friend, and you should treat it as such! Before you even switch it on for the year, you should get a licensed professional, like the good folks at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to come and do a thorough servicing including inspection and tune up to make sure you are good to go for the heat wave that is sure to come knocking at our doors any day now.

HVAC Fun Facts

Tis’ the Season for us Las Vegans, so we thought we’d share a few fun facts about your HVAC system that you may or may not have already known.
1: Servicing your unit every year by a reputable company such as Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning will save you hundreds or even thousands in costly repairs. Most service calls to an HVAC company are due to the lack of proper maintenance to the system and totally avoidable!
2: Choosing the correct air filter that will allow air to flow freely through, and then changing those filters regularly are paramount in maintaining your system. This simple step is one of the most important things you can do on your own to keep your AC system running smoothly. Dirty filters cause a number of issues with AC systems and pollute the air quality in your home. For a couple of bucks a month you can save yourself a ton of money in the long run!
3: If you are going to be buying a new unit, the type of unit you get is important. What’s even more important is the company you choose to install that unit. It is of utmost importance that a unit be installed correctly. AC systems are sealed systems, after it is installed it should have rigorous testing preformed to check for leaks, it shouldn’t ever leak unless the unit has been impacted. It is a myth to say that units need to be recharged every so often. If it is leaking, something wasn’t done right.
4: Most AC repairs are due to electrical malfunctions such as tripped breakers, blow fuses or blown capacitors. Typically, an easy fix.
5: Closing vents in your home can do more damage than you’d ever thought possible. While we think we are saving ourselves some money by restricting air flow to a room we may not use very often, what you are actually doing is putting stress on the system because it does not redirect the air. So, while it might save you a couple bucks on your power bill, you’re actually going to be accruing an additional expense later down the line by needing to repair your unit.

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We hope you learned something new from this blog. Our AC units keep us comfortable throughout the year, so be sure to call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and get your spring check-up scheduled. A properly maintained unit can last you 15 years plus! Good luck and stay cool this spring and summer!