Central Air Conditioning Condenser & Evaporator Coil Cleaning Solution for Dirty AC Coils in Paradise, NV

In a central air conditioning unit that uses a split system there are two types of coils. Both types of coil require regular cleaning to prevent cooling failures and improve the efficiency of the air conditioner and heating system. When the coils become dirty due to neglect, a number of problems can occur. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share where to find the coils and why they need to be cleaned.

AC Condenser & Evaporator Coils

There are two coils found on most central air conditioning split systems. One of the most frequently talked about coils is the evaporator coils. When evaporator coils get dirty they tend to cause more air conditioner failures and disturbances. The evaporator coils are located inside the home and in a chamber inside the air handler. The evaporator coils are made with very thin aluminum strips called fins. These thin fins capture the heat in the air as it passes through. As the evaporator helps capture the heat from the air, often condensation builds up which in turn captures dust and other particles in the air. Build up is a common problem that occurs on the evaporator coils which is why they need to be cleaned often. The second type of coils is the condenser coils. The condenser coils are easily located as they set on the outside of the exterior unit. The exterior unit is surrounded by thin metal fins. The condenser coils must remain clean to ensure the health and longevity of the air conditioning system. The coils can get grass and weeds stuck in it fins, along with dirt and other debris.

Importance of Clean AC Coils

It is very important to keep the coils clean and free from debris or build up. Over time the coils in both parts of the air conditioning system can develop build up which prevents the coil from absorbing the heat from the air correctly. Often when the evaporator coils become too dirty, the air conditioner system can cause ice to develop either around the evaporator coils or even along the condensation line. When ice forms the air conditioning system cannot function correctly which causes the home to stay hot inside. As the inside of the warm fails to cool down, the air conditioner will continue to run attempting to cool the inside of the home. This can lead to extended running cycles which causes stress and a higher power bill. If the coils remain neglected you can run into a premature air conditioner replacement.

Spring AC & Fall Furnace Tune Up

Coils often need to be cleaned once to two times a season especially here in the desert. During an air conditioning or furnace tune-up, the coils are cleaned to ensure efficiency. For those who schedule an annual air conditioning tune-up and an annual furnace tune-up, the coils will be cleaned twice a year during these two occasions. If the coil fins become damaged, you can lose efficiency and even proper function of the coils. This is why it is strongly recommended to have the coils cleaned by a professional HVAC service.

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