Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting When AC Not Working in Las Vegas, NV? Check Your A/C Filter, Switches & Plugs!

Is your air conditioner having problems lately? For many homeowners this can be bad news. Especially those here in the desert. Before completely panicking, you may want to try troubleshooting the problem yourself. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has a few basic steps, and tips to help you avoid spending your money unnecessarily.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Troubleshooting Tips

Check Your Air Conditioner Filter – The air flow to the air conditioning unit is very important. Bad air filters are one of the top reason air conditioners malfunction. You should change your air conditioning filter regularly.
Is the Gas Turned On? – If you just moved into a new home and you find the heating side of your air conditioning unit is not working, you may not know that it uses gas. Many times a repairman comes out just to find that the gas was never turned on to your home! Check to see how the unit works before you assume it’s just broken.
Recent Power Outages – If you just got home from work and the house feels abnormally hot you may assume your a/c unit is broken. Many times when the A/C technician come out to your home, they tell you your unit is fine and there was a recent power outage. Check for any reports of power loss in your area to rule out that possibility.
Thermostat Batteries – This one gets a lot of people. If your thermostat doesn’t light up, change the batteries. Many assume it’s broken and will buy a replacement thermostat. Batteries do go out and will need to be changed. Before you run out to buy a new thermostat put fresh batteries in to rule out if that’s a problem. Sometimes, you may need to reset your thermostat if the screen looks fine but not responding to adjustment in temperature.
Tripped Circuit Breaker – A simple problem that occurs when your air conditioning unit stops working is that the circuit breaker has been tripped. Once this happens you no longer have power to your unit. If the circuit breaker trips this doesn’t mean you lose power to your whole house as is commonly believed. The wiring system is separate and connects to individual circuits in your circuit box. Sometimes the a/c units will overload and trip the circuit. Just go to your circuit box and flip the switch. If the a/c unit circuit keeps tripping this may be a problem with wiring. You may need to call an electrician to look at the problem.
A/C Unit Disconnect Switch – Check the a/c units outdoor disconnect switch. See if it’s plugged in or if it’s switched on. When checking, if your switch is on be very careful. This switch controls the voltage going to the unit.
Water Safety Switch – Many air conditioning units have a water safety switch. This activates when the water drainage is clogged. The pan is under the a/c unit. If it’s full of water, the drainage line is clogged. Simply empty the pan of water and flush your drain line out.

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Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning company hope these few steps can help you save money. Many A/C unit problems that occur are simple enough that most homeowners can fix it themselves. When troubleshooting your A/C unit or even thermostat, check your make and model. Each one is different. This is also a great step to take to save you time when trying to figure out where all the switches are as well as the parts you should check. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for all your HVAC needs!