Central Air Conditioner Theft Prevention in Tuscany Village, NV; How to Protect & Secure Your Condenser Unit

There is nothing that people won’t steal these days or take if the opportunity present itself. That is why you lock your front door when you leave the house and your car when you go in the store. Most people will use a lock on their bike after they have parked it in a bike rack and use a bank to store their money. The reason is that these all ways to secure what you care about and what would be hard to replace. When it comes to your HVAC unit there is an entire section that is left outdoors. The part of the unit is on the side of the house or even the back. The air conditioning is one of the appliances that actually cost the most and that is why it is important to secure it. You may think that a large HVAC unit sitting outside your house and hooked up is secure but it is not. The unit is something that thieves will target not to take to their home and install but to scrape. They won’t get half the cost of what you paid and that is why you want to use ways to secure it.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines Ways You Can Secure Your HVAC Unit From Theft

Clear Debris from Around Condenser: When you are looking at ways to secure your HVAC unit you need to look at where the unit is located. Most units are installed at the side of the house where there is not an entrance. That means that this area is often left alone and not seen very often. You want to go over to the side of the house and look for debris that might be building up. There could be overgrown trees, bushes and grass that might give a thief a perfect spot to hide while they pillage your HVAC unit. You want to make sure that you clear the area and leave an open path to visually inspect the unit. That way a thief will be less likely to hide at your house stealing for the fear that someone may see them.
Air Conditioner Cages: The next way that you can secure your HVAC unit is to lock it down. You lock up all your other valuables so why not the AC unit. This may seem like a task that you cannot handle but there is an option. You can use a metal cage that is installed around the outside unit and can be locked. The cage allows air to flow around the unit so that it has room to breathe. The great thing is that the cage will prevent anyone from taking pieces off your unit and getting away with them. You can use a lock to secure the door of the cage and keep the key in the house. Be sure that you re-lock the cage after any work has been done to the unit.
Security Lighting to Deter AC Theft: Lastly you can use lighting as a way to add a level of security to your house. Lights have been a great way to deter a thief by making sure that they don’t have a dark place to hide or work. The side of the house that has the unit is often dark and that is why installing motion sensor lights can help protect your unit.

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