Central Air Conditioner Smells Like Chemicals or Other Odors in Inspirada, NV? Dirty Sock Syndrome & More

The last thing you want to experience when you turn on your AC is to smell something foul. You should smell nothing other than clean air coming through those vents when the AC kicks on to start cooling down your home. Depending on what you are smelling, these noxious fumes can mean that there are issues with your AC system that need to be addressed. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about what different smells mean when coming out of your HVAC vents.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

This is unfortunately, a smell that people commonly complain about with their AC. If your system kicks on and you think you have stepping into a locker room, it may be what is called ‘dirty sock syndrome.’ You will want to resolve this issue as soon as possible since it is extremely unpleasant. The problem is caused by bacteria that grows around the condenser coils. You will need to call on the professionals to clean and sanitize your unit to get rid of it.

Air Conditioner Smells Like Paint Thinner or Exhaust Fumes

The first thing you may think of when hearing the term exhaust fumes is probably your car. Your AC system can also emit this smell to when fluid is leaked from the condenser onto the motor. This moisture that falls on hot areas in the system can create the same smell your vehicle does.

Air Conditioner Smells Like Burning Plastic

You should never smell something burning when your AC kicks on. There are a number of reasons you smell something burning or a smell similar to gun powder. It could be faulty wiring, and overheated motor or other potentially dangerous issues. You should turn off the unit and call for professional help right away if this happens.

Home Air Conditioner Smells Bad Like Trash

Unfortunately, if you smell something rotting inside your vents, that’s probably what you’re dealing with. There are several small animals that are small enough to fit through your AC unit and get stuck in there. If they die, it can leave a horrible smell throughout your house. You can call on a pest professional as well as an HVAC professional to help you get rid of the problem.

Air Conditioner Smells Like Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew in your home can be a hazard to your health. Your AC system can fall victim to mold and mildew growth if there is excess moisture that isn’t draining properly as the humidity is removed from the air in your home. This is a serious concern and should be dealt with right away to ensure you don’t suffer any health issues as a result of it.

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If you have any smell that shouldn’t be there when you turn on your AC system, it’s time to call on the professionals at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for help. We can help you get to the bottom of whatever is going on so that you can smell nothing but clean air coming from those vents again. Call us today!