Central Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak Symptoms in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Loss of Cooling Efficiency & More

The air conditioning system uses refrigerant to create the cool air that is sent throughout your home. When there refrigerant is low the air conditioner will not be able to cool down the home and lead to other problems with the cooling system. It is important to detect a refrigerant leak to prevent major problems with the air conditioning system. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share signs of a refrigerant leak or low refrigerant and when to contact an HVAC professional.

Loss of Cooling Efficiency

When there is low refrigerant the air conditioner loses its cooling power. The refrigerant is very important for the cooling process to occur. When the refrigerant is low then the warm air will not be cooled down. As a result, the home will feel warmer and never cool down. When the air conditioner loses its cooling ability it is because the is refrigerant is just too low to do its job. As long as the air conditioner is still functioning the homeowner can feel warm air coming from the air vents.

Electric Bill So High All of a Sudden

When the refrigerant is low the air conditioner will continue to run in an effort to cool down the home. The thermostat temperature setting will cause the air conditioner to run constantly. If the desired temperature is not met the air conditioner will continue to run without shutting off. Since the air conditioner will run constantly you will notice your power bill is much higher. Not only will low refrigerant cause your home to be hot, your power bill will increase dramatically as well.

Air Conditioner Hissing Noise

When there is a hissing sound coming from the indoor air conditioner, you can suspect that it is the sound of the refrigerant leaking out. Refrigerant is a gas that removes the heat from the air as the warm air passes the evaporator coils. As the refrigerant is a gas, it will make a hissing type sound as it escapes out of the cracks or small holes. Hissing means the refrigerant has just begun leaking. Turn off the air conditioning system and contact an HVAC repair services. Leaks can be repaired and the refrigerant refilled before major problems occur.

Frozen AC Coils

There are two coil systems: one is the evaporator coil that is located inside unit and the other is the condenser coil that is located near the outside unit. Both of these coils can ice up when the refrigerant is low. At times the icy coil may go unnoticed. However, the ice can melt and cause leaks or water stains to appear on the ceiling.

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When signs point to a refrigerant leak it is important to contact an HVAC service right away. Prolonged loss of refrigerant can cause the compressor motor to overheat. It can also lead to premature damage to the HVAC system due to the air conditioner constantly running. Refrigerant is essential to create the cool air in your home. Don’t be left without your air conditioning this hot summer season. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.