Central Air Conditioner Not Cooling in The Lakes, NV? AC Refrigerant Leaks, Lack of Maintenance & More

Without air conditioning, we wouldn’t survive in Las Vegas. When your air conditioning isn’t working properly, it can be brutal. There are several things that can go wrong with an air conditioning unit, but a few of them are often the problem. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some of the most common air conditioning problems that we see daily.

AC Operator Error

Sometimes, the issue you are facing with your air conditioner are a symptom of user error. For instance, if you have your air conditioner on, you should be sure that all your doors and windows are closed tightly and the seals around them aren’t cracking or showing signs of wear. If you are using a window unit, isolate the room so that the cool air doesn’t leak into the rest of the warm house. Another common issues is the thermostat. Before you get too worried about your air conditioning unit not working, make sure your thermostat is set to the cool setting.

Refrigerant Leaks

Without refrigerant, your air conditioning system wouldn’t be able to cool the air in your home or business. Sometimes, your refrigerant needs to be recharged to adequately cool the air. Other times, there is an actual leak in the line that needs to be repaired. This is a job better left to professionals as they have the training and tools to solve the problem easily and then follow up by checking and inspecting it once they finish.

Lack of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Just like any other major system in your home, there is a certain amount of maintenance involved in keeping your air conditioning unit up and running. Part of maintenance involves changing filters as they get dirty, cleaning condenser coils and more. Without proper filters and clean condenser coils, you could burn up your compressor or fans.

Frozen AC Coils

If your feel warm air flowing from your vents, it’s time to check the coils. Sometimes, these coils are frozen and unable to work like they should. This can be caused by a couple problems. If your filter is dirty and hasn’t been changed in a long time, there isn’t proper air flow. Other airflow restrictions include obstructed return air ducts and can cause frozen coils. If your refrigerant is low, you can also experience frozen coils.

Air Conditioning Installation Problems

If corners were cut in the installation process, your unit will not run well. One of the corners that is often cut during install is the wiring. Not only can this be a fire hazard, but your unit will constantly be tripping your circuit breaker as well.

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If you are having any trouble getting your air conditioning system to run properly, don’t hesitate to call on the air conditioning professionals at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for help. We can ensure your unit is running properly and ready to handle the high temperatures we have heading our way. Call us today!