Central Air Conditioner Making Pulsating, Buzzing, Rattling & Other Loud Noises in The Lakes, NV?

When your central air conditioner begins to make loud and frequent noises, it is never a good sign. Noise is a good indicator that something is going horribly wrong. An air conditioner can make a wide range of different sounds and each noise may be telling you what is wrong with your air conditioner. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to help you determine by what kind of noises your air conditioner is making, what may be breaking or going wrong inside your air conditioner, and what to do if you hear any of these sounds this summer.

Causes of Common Air Conditioner Noises

The air conditioner is made up of various components that affect the other. Often when a component begins to wear down or fail completely, the system often lets you know by making strange noises. Interestingly enough, the sound your air conditioner makes under stress can help you determine what component needs attention. Here is a breakdown of the different noises and what component needs repair.
Squealing – Worn Blower Motor: When you hear a high pitched squealing noise, this usually is caused by a worn blower motor belt. The belt can break or even be stretched out. Luckily, a belt is a quick and easy fix.
Rattling – Loose AC Part: A rattling noise indicates something is loose inside your air conditioner. The rattling could be an issue in the air duct system, a loose internal mount or screws, or even the fan could have become loose. In most cases, an HVAC technician will inspect the system and locate the source of the rattling noise and re-tighten any loose screws and components.
Compressor Banging Noise: When a loud banging noise occurs, it could be the compressor, which might be overheating. The compressor is the hardest working component in an air conditioner. If you’re hearing a loud banging and grinding noise, turn off your air conditioner and contact a professional HVAC technician.
Electrical Buzzing: A light buzzing or humming noise is usually a sound associated with electricity. Often the buzzing sound indicates a major electrical problem. Again, to prevent an electrical fire, turn off your air conditioner and contact a HVAC technician.
Electrical Clicking: Another sound associated with electrical problems is a clicking sound. Clicking sounds are often a problem with the air conditioner’s relay switch. The is an interruption occurring somewhere during the relay cycle.

AC Repairs to Fix Loud Noises

Any one of these noises aren’t normal or good. They are signaling there is a problem within the HVAC system. Even if your home or building is still being cooled down, don’t continue to run the air conditioning system. The air conditioner often will continue to function even with irregular noises. However, something is going wrong inside the air conditioner and it is better to repair a simple problem versus fixing a bigger problem later. In many cases if you continue to run the air conditioner and it continues to make odd noise you will eventually break multiple components and in turn might require that you replace the entire air conditioner.

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If your air conditioner is making strange noises, don’t hesitate. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning now and we will determine the source of the noise and repair any of your HVAC systems problems. For all of your HVAC needs, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today!