Central Air Conditioner HVAC Makes Loud Humming or Rattling Noises When Turning On & Shutting Off in Summerlin, NV

There is a certain amount of noise that comes from your HVAC system whenever it is on and running. However, if you all of a sudden start noticing new noises, or the noise coming from your unit is all of a sudden much louder, you may have a problem. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about common noises you may hear coming from your HVAC system and what they could mean.

Furnace is Making a Loud Popping Noise When it Kicks On

When your system initially kicks on, it is common for you to hear a certain amount of popping. Your ductwork expands and contracts and will make this noise as your system turns on and off. If you would like to reduce this noise, you can put insulation around the outside of the ductwork or use pieces of foam or rubber and insert them in places you notice the problem the most.

Rattling Noise in Air Return Vents

If you have vents in your floor and you are noticing a rattling noise coming from them, it is most likely items or debris that have fallen in the vent. As the system starts to blow air, it will move the objects around, causing the rattle. You can easy take off the vent cover and reach in to grab any items that have fallen in there. It is also wise to have your air ducts cleaned annually to eliminate this problem.

Central Air Conditioning Squealing or Screeching

Usually you will notice this noise coming from the blower motor. In that case, it is most likely a belt that has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Don’t wait to replace it. If the belt breaks, your blower can no longer work. Lubricating a motor can help reduce noise as well. Every unit requires different oil, and it is important to use the right kind. If you are planning on trying to fix this yourself, make sure you aren’t using the wrong type of oil.

Air Conditioning Makes Loud Banging Noise When Starting

If you hear a loud banging noise when the unit turns on, it could be ductwork like mentioned above, but it could also mean more serious issues. If there is dirt accumulated on your burner or your pilot light isn’t working as it should, it might be taking longer for your furnace to ignite than it usually would. If there is any delay in ignition, gas accumulates and when it does finally ignite, there is a small explosion. If this problem isn’t resolved in a timely manner, it can cause problems with your heat exchanger which is expensive to replace.

Scraping Sounds Coming from HVAC System

If there is a metal on metal scraping sound that is coming from your unit, it usually means there is something loose or a broken part. It could be an easy fix, like a loose blower wheel, or it could be a bigger issue. It could be the motor mount is broken or the blower wheel is broken rather than just loose. Either way, this sound means you need the help of a professional.

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If you find your HVAC system is making some peculiar noises, don’t hesitate to call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to evaluate and fix the problem today!