Central Air Conditioner Facts & Myths in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Major AC Repairs aren’t the Only Service Worth It & More!

Many people look for different methods to maintain a cool home efficiently while minimizing the cost. As people look for the solutions, they are often exposed to false claims and solutions that will offer cooler homes with inexpensive costs. In an effort to help you bypass these myths, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to take the opportunity to share a handful of them and set the record straight.

Air Conditioning Myths & Facts

Myth: Does Turning Down Thermostat Excessively Help Cool Your Home Faster?
Turning down the cooling temperature at the thermostat to the lowest temperature will not help any. Your cooling system can only blow so much cool air at a once. If you feel the cooling system is in adequate, and to improve cooling performance try changing the filters or performing a tune-up instead.
Myth: Can Ceiling Fans Alone Keep Your House Cool?
Ceiling fans do absolutely nothing to cool the air inside your home, contrary to popular belief. Unless you are in the room while it is on and the room is previously cooled with the air conditioning, a fan won’t do anything for you in fact. A ceiling fan has nothing to do with your home’s actual air temperature as it only creates a wind-chill effect. In tandem with your cooling system, a ceiling fan can help promote better circulation and better manage your home’s cool air.
Myth: Can You Save Money By Keeping the Air Conditioning On?
To think that keeping your system on is cheaper than turning it off when you are away and turning it back on when you are there is a rather common misconception. This is, however, wrong. Cooling a hot home after you arrive uses far less energy than attempting to maintain a cool empty home.
Myth: Does it Matter Where You Install a Thermostat?
Since your air conditioner operates according to the temperature of where it is placed and not the entirety of your home, the thermostat location does matter a great deal. Areas where the temperature can drastically change according to external variables as well as areas that are drafty should be avoided when you install a thermostat. Remember to install your thermostat on an interior wall and not an exterior one as well.
Myth: Are Major Repairs the Only Air Conditioning Investment Worthwhile?
Where you want to ensure a professional does any repairs, air conditioning services should not be limited to repairs alone. To ensure your HVAC system not only last longer but operates more efficiently, air conditioning maintenance is an important part of care. You can expect to have some major repairs during your air conditioner’s lifetime if the time you call for air conditioning service is for a repair.

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