Central AC Not Blowing Cold Air in Seven Hills, NV; Need to Clean Coils, Low Coolant & More

When you are ready to turn on your air conditioning unit you want to make sure that it is ready to go. That means that at some point you should have had the unit inspected and any routine maintenance done. If you decide to wait until after you turn it on at the start of the warm weather you may end up with a unit that is not working properly. This can lead to repairs that could be costly and could end up more troublesome than if you were to have the unit maintained. The air conditioner is supposed to work to keep your home cool and that means that it has to send cooled air out and through the house. You want to make sure that you know what could be wrong with the unit when it is no longer blowing cold air. This is one of the top complaints regarding air conditioning units.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Reasons Central Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air

Need to Clean AC Coils: Your unit is comprised of many working parts that all have a job to do. One of the ones that helps to cool the air down so that it can be send through the house is the coils. They are inside the unit and should be kept clear of dirt and debris. This is why routine maintenance is a good idea because they will treat them and ensure that they are clean. If the coils end up getting dirt on them it will form a level of insulation that will not allow them to cool the way they were intended. That means that the air that is then be sent into the house will not be nice and cool but can even be warm and uncomfortable. You can call out a professional that has the ability to check if that is the problem and make the necessary repairs.
Low Coolant Level: Another problem that you might come across happens to be with the chemical compound that is referred to as coolant. This is what is needed to create the chemical reaction that will allow the air to be cooled. It is in the unit and should not be low unless you have a leak or a hose that is loose. The coolant can leak out and that can lead to the unit not having enough coolant and your home will not be cooled down. You want to have a technician out to check where the leak is and repair it as well as recharge the unit.
Central Air Conditioner Electrical Problems: Lastly the warm air could be caused by a problem with your electrical system that is running the unit. The wiring that is used to give the unit the electricity that each part needs are substantial. It can be as simple as a single wire coming loose or a pest that has eaten through or the circuit that has been tripped to cause the unit to not blow cold air. This is work that should be looked at and repaired by a professional HVAC tech.

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