Central AC Installation in Paradise, NV; How Do I Calculate what Size Air Conditioner I Need & More?

We are in the midst of spring, though in the Vegas Desert, it feels like summer. Having your air conditioning system prepared to take on the heat is essential. This means ensuring you have professional maintenance done in most cases. In order to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust components of your cooling system, maintenance is important to have done on a regular basis. Maintenance helps make the AC system work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Early spring is the best time to schedule your air conditioning tune-up services and it might come to attention that the unit is in need of a replacement. However, you may be tempted to go out and buy the biggest air conditioner you can find within your budget, don’t do it! Today, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to help people understand the importance of choosing the right sized air conditioner to have installed in your home.

Is a Bigger AC Unit Better?

Since bigger does not always equal better, we really want to discourage you from buying an AC that is too large. An air conditioner that’s too large can be more detrimental to system efficiency than one that is too small in fact. This is why you need to know size does matter and you should know the basics of your central air conditioning installation.

What Happens if Your AC is Too Small?

Being unable to keep up with the desired temperature on your thermostat, an undersized air conditioner, also referred to as an underpowered air conditioner is not good. A too small of an air conditioner unit forces it to run longer than it should have to, and therefore inefficiently. The lifespan of the system is likely to be shortened in addition to it creating exacerbated wear and tear. Also, an undersized unit cannot keep up with demands, making your home uncomfortable. You probably understand why this is problematic since during one of the hottest days of the year, of which we have a lot of around here cannot provide you relief when you seek refuge in your home. Make sure the unit is the right size.

Why is an Oversized AC Bad?

Not many homeowners are familiar with oversized, also referenced as overpowered, air conditioner problems. It actually will operate quite inefficiently than what most people think, as they tend to think that an oversized air conditioner is better at keeping a household cooled down. The reason being is that optimal AC efficiency occurs through continued operation and regular cycles. Before your system even has the opportunity to complete a full cooling cycle, the desired temperature on your thermostat will be reached too fast when a cooling system is too large for the home.

AC Short Cycling

You never want your air conditioner or heater to go through short cycling. In addition to causing strain on the system and exacerbates wear and tear it is completely insufficient at properly maintaining comfort in your home. The issue of short-cycling due to incorrect system sizing an only be corrected by replacing the system and understandably, few homeowners want to shell out the expense if they are unsure, it is necessary.

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