Causes & Solutions to HVAC Positive & Negative Pressure Imbalance Pressure Problems in Summerlin, NV

If you have ever been sitting in a room when all of a sudden the door slams shut, you know how startling it can be. This can happen when there is an air pressure imbalance in your home. Fortunately though, it can be fixed. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about air pressure imbalance, what causes it, and how it can be fixed.

Air Pressure Imbalance Can Be Positive Or Negative Pressure

If you have positive or negative pressure in your home, you will notice different results. Both can be startling and both need to be fixed.

Positive Air Pressure Problems in Rooms

When your home struggles with positive air pressure, the air in your home is being forced out. This means you have too much pressure in the space. When you notice that the doors that open outward swing open completely on their own, you could be struggling with positive pressure. Doors that swing inward will be very difficult to open when you have a positive pressure problem. This is an expensive problem to have, because that cold air you have paid so much for to keep your house cool, is trying its best to escape. Your space is leaking cold air basically.

Negative Air Pressure Issues In a Room

You can expect the opposite with negative air pressure problems. This is when you will have doors shut on their own, because the pressure in your space is lower than the pressure outside. If you have an outward swinging door, it will hard to open in this case. This will also leave you with higher energy bills because your system is working harder to cool or heat the air that is being sucked into the space constantly.

Several Factors Lead to HVAC Air Flow & Pressure Imbalance

There are several causes for air pressure imbalance. Here are a few common causes:
1. Leaky Air Ducts– If there are holes or leaks in your ductwork, the warm or cool air can’t be distributed properly, and will end up causing air pressure imbalance.
2. High Fan Motor Speed– This problem is simple to fix and may just be a matter of turning down the fan motor speed on your system.
3. Exhaust Fans– This can be a dangerous problem, but sometimes exhaust fans remove too much air and cause negative pressure which can cause several problems including a buildup of carbon monoxide.
4. Rising Hot Air– If you are dealing with a building that has several levels, you may have a problem with hot air rising to the upper levels, leaving the lower levels with negative air pressure.

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Finding the solution to your air pressure imbalance problems sometimes takes some time to figure out what is the cause of the problem. It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause and for this reason, you are better off leaving it to the professionals. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can help you find the root of the problem when dealing air pressure imbalance. Call us today for an appointment.