Causes of Weak Air Flow from Furnace Vents in Henderson, NV & How to Increase Airflow

During the winter season the last thing you want is poor air flow coming from your furnace. Southern Nevada can have some cold winters and it is important to have a reliable heating system. When your furnace begins to have poor air flow when the heater is running this can be a sign of a few problems. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share the most common problems that occur when you have poor air flow from your furnace.

HVAC Air Flow Problems

Dirty Air Filters: One of the most common reasons for poor air flow is having dirty or clogged air filters. During the height of the heating season the home furnace is running almost constantly. The more the furnace runs the more often the air filters will need to be changed. If a filter becomes too dirty it is like it is choking off your home heating system. This can result in premature wear of the HVAC system and causes poor air flow. To ensure a healthy HVAC system make sure you regularly check your home air filters and change them out throughout all of the heating and cooling seasons.
Air Duct Breaks or Leaks: As many well know, the heating and cooling systems use air ducts to circulate the conditioned air throughout a home or building. The air ducts are not made of a single piece of air duct material but instead use many sections that are sealed together. Where each section meets they are sealed together. Often the sealer will wear down and the air duct can split away from each other causing an air leak. When a home’s air flow drops down it can be due to a split in the air duct system. If the air flow has dropped it can indicate that your home’s air duct system has an air leak. An HVAC technician can come and inspect the air duct system and repair the leak.
Broken Air Handler: One of the component’s of a furnace is the air handler which uses the blower to circulate the air. When there is poor air flow and your filters are clean and there are no leaks in the air ducts, then the air handler is probably broken or failing. Often it is the blower inside the air handler that runs down and needs to be replaced. Other time the entire air handler system has worn out and the entire component needs to be replaced.

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When the air flow seems weak, contact an HVAC service. We can come and inspect your heating system and determine if there is a problem with the air handler, the air ducts, or simply your air filters need to be changed. You can also prevent many heating failures by having your furnace inspected and serviced at the start of a heating season. With proper maintenance you can have a more reliable HVAC system. If you have poor air flow or need HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide quality HVAC services and can help ensure you have a reliable HVAC system. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.