Can I Use the Wrong Size Air Filter in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Leads to Poor Indoor Air Quality!

When you are trying to take care of something that is important to you often times you follow instructions on the best way to care for it. Take a vehicle for instance. You will take it and put the right gas in and take it to have the oil changed when it is needed. When it comes to your home there are lots of working parts and appliances that need your attention. You want to make sure they are maintained and that parts are replaced when needed. Your HVAC system is something that you will be using throughout the whole year. Whether you want to warm the house up in the winter or cool it down in the summer the unit is running. We have become accustomed to getting the house to a comfortable level even if it is close outside. The HVAC unit has many working parts that need your attention but there is a part that you need to replace regularly and that is the filter. You might think that the filter can’t be that big of a deal or that you can use any filter you want. That would be a mistake and could cause trouble with your HVAC unit.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines what Happens when You Put the Wrong Size Air Filter In

Types of Air Filters for Home: Your HVAC system that has been installed in your home has an area that is called the return air. This is where a filter should be placed and there are many sizes that exist. When you go to the store you will see a plethora of filters that you can choose from. The filter that you are replacing is a particular size and you want to make sure that you get the right size. The other aspect is choosing the right style air filter as well. There are standard fiberglass filters that you can choose or a HEPA filter that you want to look into. They each have their own benefits. There are some that are to be replaced every 30 days while other are supposed to last a bit longer.
Dust & Debris Get Through when Air Filter is Too Small: The filter is there to stop the dirt, dust and debris that is floating through your air. When you purchase a filter that is too small for the space there will be a gap that these particles can get through. The particles will start to build up in the ductwork and that will cause the quality of the air in your house to decrease. You will need to call out a professional to come out and clean the ducts for you.
Return Air Vent Making Noise: Another problem that you will start to notice is that the filter will be quite noisy when the unit turns on. The suction that is created will allow the improper filter to move and adjust in the space. This can be an annoying sound that happens several times a day. When the filter moves too much it can become damaged and broken deeming it useless.

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