Can I Replace Just My Air Conditioner in Lone Mountain Village, NV? How Do I Know Which AC to Buy?

If you were having troubles with your air conditioning unit last summer, you may be planning on seeking an air conditioner replacement before this upcoming summer season. When replacing an air conditioner there are a few aspects that you will need to consider to get the right and most efficient cooling system for your home. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what you need to know about replacing an air conditioner system.

Get the Right Type of Home Central Air Conditioner

When replacing your air conditioner, you will need to know which type of air conditioning system your home is fitted for. There are two major types of air conditioning systems. There is the split system which has two units. One is inside the home which is the evaporator coil and air handler unit, and the outside unit which is the condenser. Then there is the package system that contains the entire cooling and heating system in a single unit. A single unit is most often installed on the roof or on the ground floor, close to the ductwork. Determine which type of air conditioner you have in your home and make sure to get the same type to ensure it fits with the home’s existing air conditioning system.

Most Energy Efficient AC Unit

When you replace your air conditioner you can save more money in the future if you invest in a higher SEER rated cooling system. An air conditioner energy efficiency is rated by the SEER which stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” The higher the energy efficiency, the less energy will be used to cool your home. Depending on the age of your air conditioning system the SEER can be as low as 10 to 13. Modern air conditioners have a 24 SEER rating which can save almost half of the energy you may be using now. When looking for a replacement air conditioner, check the unit’s SEER rating and get the best unit that you can afford.

What Size AC Unit Do I Need for My House?

When replacing an air conditioner unit it is very important to get the right size of unit. Many people will assume a bigger air conditioner unit is better and invest in an “oversized” air conditioner. You will have nothing but problems if your air conditioner unit is too big or too small. There is a lot that is considered when getting the right size unit for your home. The biggest consideration is the home’s square footage. However there are some variables that are taken into account such as insulation grade, number of windows in the home and the local climate. Where the size of the unit is so important, it is recommended that you seek out professional help in sizing your air conditioner unit.

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If you need to replace your air conditioner before this upcoming summer season, now is the time. If you need help finding the right air conditioner for your home and ensure it is installed properly, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your HVAC needs.