Can High Humidity Affect Air Conditioning in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Overworked AC Unit & More

The change in the seasons is something that everyone can depend on. It seems that any change in seasons is often welcome and most people are excited for it to happen. Although the change in the weather is a good thing, there are some things as a homeowner that you have to be ready to do as well. You might need to do some spring cleaning, or unpacking your winter clothes out and getting ready for the holidays. Whatever the change is, it is usually something that most are looking forward to. The warmer seasons mean you have to get your air conditioning in top condition to keep your home comfortable. The air conditioner is something that you can sometimes overlook until it is hot and you realize that your unit is not working. There are other things that could affect the air conditioner and one of them include humidity. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what humidity can do to your AC unit.

What Exactly is Humidity?

There are some people that think the humidity is something that is only an issue when you are outdoors or if you live along the coast. The reality is that even those that live in the desert have some level of humidity and the weather is something that plays a role in the humidity as well. There is humidity all year long but the summer and warm months tend to make the change in humidity stand out. The heat is moisture in the air. When it is hot, it can make the air around you feel hotter and makes your air conditioner work harder as well. The other aspect that you need to know is that the humidity level outside will also effect the humidity in your house. If the level of humidity in the home is too high it can affect how your air conditioner works.

How Do I Know if My Humidity is Too High?

One of the things that you might start to see is that your home is not feeling as cool as you want it to. The reason can be that there is too much humidity. One of the signs that the humidity is high is that you will feel like the house is muggy or that there is moisture in the air. You also can see moisture build up on windows or you might not have your home at the temperature that you set the thermostat to.

Can Humidity Affect Air Conditioning?

The level of humidity in your house can cause the air conditioning unit to overwork and still not get to the level that the thermostat is set to. One of the issues can be that you have a unit that is too small for the space and it is time to upgrade it. The other problem can be that the unit is not up to the level that it needs to be and it is not running efficiently. You want to make sure that you have your unit looked at, repaired or replaced when needed. Each unit is made to cool the house and level out some of the moisture in the home at the same time. If your unit is not doing that you need to call in a professional.

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