Can Central Air Conditioners Lose Refrigerant in Las Vegas, NV? Do You Ever Need to Add to Home AC?

If you have a well running AC unit, but don’t have the right amount of refrigerant in your unit, it will be unable to produce cold air. This can mean big problems for your AC unit if you let it continue to run around the clock without the ability to cool your home. You could end up with expensive repairs in the end. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about refrigerant in your AC and how long you can expect it to last before you need to replace it.

Does Refrigerant Run Out?

While many people think that refrigerant is something that they should plan on getting more of as their unit ages, refrigerant should last as long as your AC unit lasts. Because your AC is a closed system, the refrigerant just gets recycled through your system over and over again. The only time that refrigerant becomes an issue that you need to pay attention to is when there is a leak somewhere. You may have heard of people having their refrigerant “recharged” which could happen in the case of a leak and low refrigerant levels, but usually the refrigerant is left alone. If you do have a leak, it could mean the end of the life of the unit. While you could continue to put more refrigerant in your system, this is expensive and isn’t good for the environment. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the source of the leak to fix it.

How Do I Know if My Refrigerant is Leaking?

As mentioned above, with proper refrigerant levels, your unit won’t be able to effectively cool your home. If you are dealing with a refrigerant leak, there are likely going to be some signs that indicate it.
– Inability to cool your home no matter how often your AC is kicking on and off.
– Your AC can somehow cool your home at night but isn’t successful during daylight hours.
– You notice that there is frost built up on the indoor AC coils.

Detecting Refrigerant Leaks During Routine AC Maintenance

The refrigerant in your system is essential to your home staying comfortable. This is why during every routine maintenance appointment, it is important that your technician checks the refrigerant levels to make sure they are where they should be. The sooner any leak is detected, the easier it will be for your HVAC professional to fix the problem. If the refrigerant levels are slightly lower than they were the previous year, this can be one of the first warning signs that there is a problem.

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If your home isn’t cooling off no matter how low you are turning down the AC in your house, it could be a big warning sign that there is a refrigerant problem in your unit. At Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you locate the issue whether it is with your refrigerant or other aspect of your cooling system. Call us today!