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Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air Instead of Cold in Rhodes Ranch, NV? Lack of A/C Maintenance & More Expect a Higher Level of Service

Have you ever experienced your AC going out? Or maybe it blows warm air instead of cold air. This can be a very frustrating problem. Sometimes these problems have a simple solution. Other times, it may be caused by a much bigger problem. Either way, you don’t want to go a day without your AC in the summer. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning wants to tell you a few things to check on your AC before you call a professional. This can save you time and money if it is just a simple problem that you can address on your own.

Check Thermostat Settings

If your AC is blowing warm air, you will always want to check the thermostat first. It may be something as simple as your thermostat is still turned onto the heat setting. You may be lowering the temperature but if the thermostat is still set to heat, it won’t blow the cold air you are wanting.

Make Sure the Outdoor Condenser Unit has Power

If you have made sure the thermostat is set correctly and your AC is still blowing warm air. Then go outside and check the outdoor unit (condenser unit) to make sure it has power. A power surge could have tripped the circuit breaker and the outdoor AC unit could have lost power because of it.

Ensure the Area Around the Outdoor Condenser Unit is Clear

We know that the outside unit (condenser unit) is not something that is beautiful to look at. But even though it’s not a pretty sight, you have to make sure it is clear from anything around it. It needs ventilation on its sides and on top to operate correctly. If you have trees, bushes, vines, or anything else that can grow and block the condenser unit, you will need to trim it back. Your unit needs a clean place around it to work properly.

Change Dirty Air Filter

This is a big one that many people forget. If your AC is blowing warm air, it could be that your air filters are super dirty. Check your air filters and see how they look. If they are dirty, change or clean them. You should be cleaning or changing your air filters once a month. If it has been longer than that, then it is time you change them.

Call a AC Contractor Professional

Once you have done all of the suggestions stated above and none of the basic troubleshooting steps are working, then it is time to call a professional such as Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. The problem could be more serious like a refrigerant leak, a failing condenser fan, or the need for a new compressor. A professional can figure out what is going on and can fix the problem.

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You don’t want to be in a home in the summer where the air is supposed to be cool but instead, it’s blowing warm air. It can make for hot days and really hot nights. If you are experiencing this problem in your home then give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call and we will come and fix your AC problem. Call us to make your home feel nice and cool again, just the way it should be.