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How Do You Know if Your Ductless Mini Split AC Unit Needs to be Serviced in Henderson, NV? Expect a Higher Level of Service

Are you noticing that your ductless AC is having problems? What type of problems are you having? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help you understand a few problems that you could be having with a ductless AC and why they are happening.

Mini Split Not Blowing Cool Air

You know there is a problem when your AC isn’t blowing cold air anymore, but what can you do to make it work again? First, you should always double-check the thermostat. If you feel like your AC is blowing hot air out, oftentimes it’s because your thermostat is on heat. If that is not the problem your best option is to call a professional to come to take a look at it. If your whole AC system has completely stopped blowing cold air, then you have a big problem. This could be anything between refrigerant leaks or electrical malfunction. These are things you will want a professional to come and take a look at and fix. If you only have one unit that isn’t blowing cold air it could be something as simple as the filters are dirty and are clogging the air. But it could be more than just dirty filters, such as a leak. Once again, a professional can figure out what the problem is.

Rising Energy Bills

Is your utility bill is going up? I am not just talking about going up in the summer months. I’m talking about your bill has gone up a lot since the previous year or even the last 6 months. If this is the case for you then something could be going on with our AC making it not work as efficiently as it should be. You may not even notice something is going on. But your bill is a great indicator that something is not right.

Ductless AC Making Loud Grinding Noise

A ductless AC unit is known for being quiet, if you are hearing any loud noise from your AC something is wrong and you need to call a professional. When you hear a grinding sound it can be because the bearing on the motor has worn down. When this happens, the increased friction can cause a loud grinding sound. Then eventually it can overheat and burn out.

Water Puddles in Condensate Line or Ice Buildup on Evaporator Coil

You don’t want either water puddles or icy buildup to happen with your ductless AC. If you are getting water puddles it is because the condensate line drain collects moisture in the air indoors. If this gets clogged with mold, dirt, and algae build-up, it can cause the water to back up into the system causing puddling and possible damage to your home. Icy buildup can happen when condensation gets on the surface of dirty evaporator coils. This will cause the coils to freeze up. When they freeze, they can’t absorb the heat from the inside making the cooling output less. If the ice gets too bad on the coils, they will need to be replaced.

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If you are having any of these problems with your ductless AC unitcall a professional like Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to come and take a look and help you get your AC back to the way it should be.