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How Do You Maintain an HVAC System & Keep Dog Hair Out of Ducts with Pets in Your Anthem, NV Home? Expect a Higher Level of Service

Having furry pets can really complete daily living. Though they provide unconditional love and companionship. However, when you have these extra family members in your home, it is important to ensure care and maintenance occurs to protect your HVAC system from their dander, fur or hair, and activities and habits. Today, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to discuss the care and maintenance you need to do when you have furry pets.

Brush Pet to Keep Dog Hair Out of HVAC System & Vents

The best way to keep pet hair out of your HVAC is to brush your pet regularly. To pick hair up into the brush before it drops on the ground, simply brush out your furry pet routinely. You are likely to get a few airborne strands. The less fur can float into the intakes and gum up the filter with the more fur you can pick up with the brush and put in the trash. Find a place where you can easily clean up the mess such as brushing your pet on the back porch or over a hard-floor area. Because loose fur can fly away on the wind instead of becoming part of your home air system, brushing outdoors is especially beneficial.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Pet hair and dander is known to contribute to clogging the filters far sooner than homes that do not have pets. Since the pets add more to the filters, it is important homeowners change or clean (according to type of filter) more often. For instance, try every two months, or two and a half if your filters or HVAC are rated for one new filter every three months. It’s time for a change when they are topped up with pet fur, so be sure to be more aware of the signs. You should be able to get the general time frame of changing the filters to keep up with a routine schedule. Make sure to also keep in mind the pet’s shedding rate as they typically shed the winter coats in the spring and summer coats in the fall to prepare for the more extreme hot and cold weather. You will need to change the filters more often when your pet sheds. Additionally, consider investing in filters with MERV of 10-12 to reduce allergies, but at least ensure the filters have a MERV 5-8 filters for standard homes. The MERV ratings (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) measures the efficiency of a filter.

Put a Fence Around the Outdoor Condenser Unit

Make certain to protect your outdoor air conditioner unit if your pets spend time in the backyard (where the outdoor units are often located). Despite its hardy appearance, the outdoor unit is vulnerable to fur, as well as the territorial peeing. The best solution is putting a fence a few feet around the unit. The fur can lead to clogs in the outdoor unit and pee has an acidic nature that can etch the fins. In both instances, damage can be the result and you will need repairs and replacing the unit will likely occur so much sooner. Keeping your pets away from the unit helps significantly.

Vacuum Often

The common issue is the dander and fur or hair impacting your HVAC system. To help control the hair and dander, vacuuming the carpets and sweeping the hard surfaces on a daily basis, or as often as possible, really helps.

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Despite the love they bring, homes with pets will put an extra strain on the system. Make sure to schedule a tune-up service once a year and inspection services 6 months from tune-up. Experts can catch issues early and help stop serious break downs and keep the HVAC system operating smoothly. For your HVAC system services in the Las Vegas, NV Valley, call in the professionals of Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning let us serve you!