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How Can You Tell the Age of an Air Conditioner in Summerlin, NV & How Do You Read AC Serial Numbers? Expect a Higher Level of Service

Often you will hear HVAC technicians encouraging a homeowner to replace their old air conditioner. An old air conditioner will develop costly repairs and cost more to run. You can save yourself the cost of expensive repairs and reduce your monthly power bill simply by replacing an old air conditioner. However, how can you know when an air conditioner is old? Unless you were the resident that replaced that last air conditioner unit, you may not know how old an air conditioner may be. For those who are trying to determine the age of their air conditioner. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share how you can determine it.

How Do You Read AC Serial Numbers on Nameplate

To first determine the age of your air conditioner you will want to determine its brand or name. The outdoor unit should have a metal plate that contains the unit brand name. You will need to know the unit brand name followed by the unit’s serial number. You will then need to go online and do a basic search of your unit and it’s serial number. The unit will have a serial number as well as a model number. You will want to either write both of them down or take a picture. With the brand, model and serial number in hand, look up your unit online. Your search should be able to tell you the age of the air conditioner.

When Was the AC Unit Installed?

Even though you may have the age of your unit, the next step is to determine when it was installed. The air conditioner may have been manufactured during a certain year. However, when did the air conditioner begin its usage? The true age of the air conditioner starts the day it begins running. There is a way to figure out the time or year the air conditioner was installed. If you are not the homeowner and have no record of when the unit was installed, look at the buyer invoice of your home. The seller should have attached the warranty and invoice of the air conditioner unit to the home’s paper work. The install date and warranty information should be included on your paperwork during the time you bought your home.

Should I Replace My 10, 15 or 20 Year Old Air Conditioner?

With the manufacturer age and installation date of your air conditioner, you can now better determine how old your air conditioner is. If the air conditioner has been installed for 10 to 15 years, the air conditioner is considered old. It is around 10 years that an air conditioner will begin to develop expensive repairs. By 15 years your air conditioner efficiency will be extremely poor and you could be saving money each month with a new air conditioner. However, it is not unheard of for some air conditioner to still be running after about 30 years. The key to extending an air conditioner’s life is with proper maintenance. Another critical consideration is if your air conditioner is still using the refrigerant type R22. R22 is harmful to our ozone layer and because of its harmful effects it is no longer produced or used for cooling. If you air conditioner uses R22 and if it develops a leak there is no way to refill your refrigerant. A simple refrigerant leak may be the cause to have your air conditioner replaced.

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