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Signs of Failing AC Electrical in Henderson, NV; Bad Breaker, Wiring Problems, Capacitor Failure & More Expect a Higher Level of Service

Modern air conditioning systems use a number of complex electrical and mechanical devices. Most homeowners are fairly aware of an air conditioner’s mechanical problems when they occur. However, when an electrical problem develops it can leave a homeowner puzzled. Determining an electrical problem from a mechanical one can be difficult. Nevertheless, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common electrical problems that occur in an air conditioning system so you can better determine the problem.

How Do I Know if My AC Breaker is Bad?

An air conditioner will use a large amount of energy. This is why an air conditioner will have its own dedicated circuit. When the air conditioner appears to not have stable power or other similar electrical problems, this could be due to the air conditioner’s dedicated circuit and breaker. The breaker may be lose which is why the power flow may be unstable. The breaker may be undersized or simply faulty. At times the breaker will need to be replaced to provide a stable and efficient power supply to the air conditioner.

AC Wiring Problems

There are a number of electrical devices that are used to control the air conditioner and its various components. Most of the electrical devices within the air conditioner will signal when to activate or deactivate the components inside the air conditioning system. Each electrical device is wired together to provide the needed stream of electrical flow and or communication. When there is a problem with the wiring, electricity cannot flow to the different electrical devices. Often the electrical wiring can develop corrosion, become loose or disconnected and even begin to fray. The air conditioner’s wiring may need repair or even replacement and if it is not fixed, your air conditioner will fail to operate and even become an electrical hazard.

AC Capacitor Failure

One of the electrical devices in an air conditioning system are the capacitors. The average air conditioning system uses capacitors for the fan motors and the compressor motor. The capacitors operate by alternating currents to the motor that is in use. The start capacitor is responsible for starting the motor and the second capacitor is responsible for maintaining the flow of electricity which is called the run capacitor. If you notice your air conditioning system stutters on startup, the start capacitor probably needs to be replaced. If the air conditioner isn’t maintaining an electrical current, then the run capacitor may need to be replaced.

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When you have electrical problems developing within your air conditioning system, leave these repairs to a professional. The electrical system can be dangerous to work with and they must be properly repaired to ensure reliability and safety. If you are having an electrical problem contact an HVAC service. They will ask you basic questions to better determine the problem. They will look over the air conditioner’s electrical system to seek out the source. They can usually repair an electrical problem fairly quickly. If you are having AC electrical problem or have other HVAC needs, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today!