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Types of Hvac Systems in Desert Shores, NV; Central Air Conditioning & Forced Air Furnace, Ductless Mini Split & More Expect a Higher Level of Service

A home can have a number of different HVAC systems. Each type of heating and cooling system will require its own kind of maintenance as some units work very differently than others. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the different types of air conditioning systems along with how they function.

Central Air Conditioning & Forced Air Furnace System

Most homes and commercial building use central air conditioning and heating systems. Central air conditioning requires less maintenance, is easy to use and is one of the more cost effective types of cooling systems. A central air conditioning and forced air furnace system is one of the more expensive units to first set-up and install. However, their longevity makes them well worth the initial cost. A central air conditioning system uses a cooling compressor to cool the air. The unit sets outside the home while a fan blows the cooled air through the air ducts. The warm air inside is pulled out of the home using an exhaust like system. A forced air furnace pulls cold air through the ductwork running throughout the home into the furnace where it’s heated and then sent back through different ductwork and pushed out through heat registers to warm the home. As long as a home has an air duct system, a central air conditioner and forced air furnace combo can always be added to an older home. Most modern homes will already have this type of cooling and heating system.

Ductless Split System

Where most homes use a central air conditioning system, at times a ductless split air conditioning and heating system might be needed. A ductless split system is often used to cool or heat a single room in the home. Sometimes during a home addition it is cheaper to use a ductless split system instead of adding a second HVAC unit and redesign the ductwork. A ductless split system is installed on a wall at the other end outside the home. You can installed a ductless split system in every room of a home if desired. However, it is not the most effective and efficient way to keep a home cooled down or warmed up.

Mini Split System

A mini split air conditioning and heating system is much like a ductless split system where a portion of the unit is inside the home with the rear outside the home. However, the outside part is connected to a compressor. Each unit will need to attach to the compressor. Depending on the number of units that are needed in the home the bigger the compressor will be or you may have more than one compressor.

Packaged Air Conditioning System or Packaged Heat Pump

Probably one of the second most common types of air conditioning systems used for homes and commercial buildings is the packaged air conditioner unit. This is where a central air conditioning system uses two major parts the condenser that is found outside the home or building and the air handler is located inside. The packaged air conditioner can also provide limited warmth by using an electrical strip heating. A packaged heat pump unit is a single component that uses heat pump technology to cool and heat a home. A packaged unit system uses all different types of fuel sources and requires seasonal maintenance.

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These are some of the more common types of cooling systems but they are not the only ones. There are a number of different cooling and heating systems that can be used for both home and commercial buildings. For HVAC installationrepair or maintenance servicescontact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.