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Signs & How to Test My Air Conditioning Ducts for Leaks & Leaky Duct Repair in Mountain’s Edge, NV Expect a Higher Level of Service

Air duct leaks are very common especially in older homes or those with poor installation. When leaks occur it can cause a number of problems for your home and for your HVAC system including premature failure. Leaky air duct systems often go unnoticed for years because most people don’t know what the symptoms of a leaky air duct system are. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share the telltale signs that your air ducts are leaking and how you can save money by maintaining a proper air duct system.

High Utility Bills is a Sign of Leaky Air Ducts

When there is a leak in the air duct system often the first sign is an increased power bill. Due to the leak much of the cool air your unit worked so hard to produce leaks into the attic space or within the walls before it reaches the inside of the home. Due to the loss of cool air the air conditioner will continue to work longer to cool the inside of the home. Not only will the constant work of the air conditioner unit draw more and more power resulting in a high energy bill, it can also wear down the air conditioner unit much faster.

Increased Dust is a Sign of Leaking Air Ducts

Another sign that there may be a leak in the air duct system is an increase of dust inside the home. You may clean and dust the home and within minutes a fresh layer of dust appears. Often a dusty and dirty air duct system will produce dust inside the home. The dust is entering from the point of the leaks and entering the air duct system which results in dust entering through the home as the air conditioner unit is running.

Poor Air Flow and Comfort is a Way You Can Tell Air Ducts are Leaking

When there is a leak in the air duct system some of the cool air is lost while flowing out of the leak. When the cooled air escapes through the leaks, you may notice that the home or areas in the home may stay warm and may even feel stuffy. Due to the lack of air flow the air may become stagnated which makes the area or room feel stuffy and warmer. Often discomfort can help tell you something is wrong.

Where and How Air Duct Leaks Occur

Air ducts can develop leaks due to a number of reasons. Most commonly, over time the air duct system joints may separate and will require the need to be reconnected and sealed. The adhesive or tape used to connect the joints will weaken which results in separation. Pests can chew through some types of air duct material leaving small or large holes in the air duct system. Some air ducts use steel which can, over time, rust and can create small holes in the air duct system. When your home shows signs of a leak, have the air duct system inspected. To ensure the leak is repaired properly, contact a professional HVAC technician.

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