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How to Stay Cool in Hot Weather this Summer in Paradise, NV; AC Maintenance & More Expect a Higher Level of Service

There’s no need for me to explain the scorching hot temperatures we experience here. You don’t even have to live here to know our summers get unbearably hot; it’s just a known fact. By this time of year, the only time you can catch many locals outside is after the sun sets, or if there is a cool pool for them to dive into! Otherwise, most people spend all their time indoors, escaping the heat. With more people spending their summer indoors, the cost to cool our homes skyrockets in the summer time. The average home in Las Vegas will spend between $150-$300 each month in power costs alone between June-September. Americans altogether will spend in excess of 22 billion dollars this year on electricity to cool our homes. Are there ways for us to save some money in cooling costs without having to swelter in the process? Of course, there are! Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to offer some helpful tips to help keep you cool on a budget this Summer.

How to Keep the Rooms in Your Home Cool this Summer

  1. Keep your HVAC system serviced regularly. This is by far the single, most important part of keeping cooling costs low. If your system is not running efficiently it will have to work overtime to keep your home cooled to the temperature you desire. Lack of proper maintenance is one of the most common human errors we see when we are called out for an emergency repair in the dead heat of Summer. A small yearly fee to keep your unit in good working order will save you thousands of dollars in the long run and will prolong the life of your unit. Keeping your air filters changed regularly can save you 5-15% on your NV Energy bill alone!
  2. Recommended Thermostat setting is 75-78 degrees on our hottest days. Trying to keep your home any cooler than that when temperatures are high will result in costly power bills this Summer. While for some this may require a bit of adjusting, your bank account will thank you. Each degree over 75 on your thermostat will save you 5-10% on your cooling costs alone!
  3. Ensure doors and windows are still sealed. You don’t want any cool air to escape once it’s inside. You can check doors by looking to see if you can see sunlight through the cracks around the door. if light is present, you should invest in door sweeps to keep the heat out and the cool air in. Check around your windows for cracked, peeling, or absent caulking. If the sealant around windows has been compromised, it is time to replace it!
  4. Use fans. Ceiling fans, or portable fans have very low energy costs to run. While they won’t cool the air, they will keep it circulating which will make your home feel cooler than it is and keep the room from feeling stagnant.
  5. Use room darkening or blackout curtains. Curtains pay for themselves in time. They block out 50% more heat than blinds will. If you don’t allow the heat to enter your home to begin with, there is less warm air in your home to cool off. West facing walls and windows emit the most heat in the afternoons heating up rooms 10-20 degrees in just a few minutes. Blocking direct sunlight from entering your home will keep your home cooler and save you the need to have your thermostat below 78 degrees.
  6. Natural shade. Consider investing in shade trees, or shade providing plants around your home. Natural shade will keep your home much cooler in the Summer, especially on South or West facing walls when the afternoon Sun is at its peak. Trees cool our homes, not only from the shade they provide but from aspiration (water loss from leaves) as well.

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