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Switching from Heating to Cooling Central Air Conditioning in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Starting AC After Winter Expect a Higher Level of Service

It’s that time of year in Las Vegas, where the green is sprouting and temperatures are getting comfortably warm. Where the valley has a problem deciding if it wants to stay in winter or jump-start into spring, people may need to start using the air conditioner on the exceptionally warm days in the desert in the not-too-distant future. Getting your air conditioner ready for use is important to ensure it is running optimally when temperatures really spike and we are set in the midst of summer. We at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some tips and advice on getting your air conditioning ready and operating to its full potential.

Tips to Prepare for Starting Central AC After Winter & Switching to Air Conditioning

  1. Quality HVAC Air Filters. Consider replacing the basic generic filters with quality, high-efficiency pleated filters. They draw in and trap the tiniest of particles including bacteria, allergens, and other fine particles of debris as they are designed with an electrostatic charge.
  2. Filter Maintenance. It is recommended that you check filters once a month, and if needed replaced or cleaned, depending on the type of filter. This is especially essential if there are indoor smokers, indoor pets, and those with chronic allergy or asthma issues. Never let your filters exceed 90 days without being replaced.
  3. Evaluate Outdoor A/C Unit’s Surroundings. The unit should have at least 2 feet of clearance between your unit, the heat pump, and the structure. Make certain the grass, shrubs, and other plants are trimmed away from the unit and any clutter is removed. Clean off any accumulated debris from the surface.
  4. Insulated Refrigerant Lines. Refrigerant lines need to be well-insulated and in good condition. If there are any issues with the line or the insulation shows damage, be sure to get it replaced.
  5. Thermostat Batteries. The batteries typically only last a year; if it’s getting close, have some batteries on standby.
  6. Adjust Thermostat. Adjust thermostat’s programmable settings and temperature to reflect the rising warmth outside.
  7. Inspect Home’s Structure. Inspect your home’s structure; look for any cracks, gaps, and holes, especially around utility lines, ventilation, window frame, and door frame. Make the needed repairs and weather stripping replacements as needed.
  8. Exhaust Fan. After hot showers the humidity in your home spikes; utilize your exhaust fans to extract the humidity from their air to avoid putting extra strain on the unit.
  9. Professional Furnace Maintenance. As you use your furnace less and less, consider getting your furnace an inspection or maintenance service to ensure the furnace is still in tip-top condition. We will be using the furnace less and less as spring approaches and having a professional look over your furnace can prevent serious issues from occurring down the road.
  10. Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance. Now is an optimal time to get your air conditioning tuned-up. Because your air conditioning unit has been down for the off the season, it is collecting more of the dust and debris. Though the air conditioning isn’t hasn’t been operating, it can still decay and other surrounding circumstances could be inflicting your unit; refrigerant leak, faulty wiring, and so on. This will keep your air conditioning operating at its full potential.

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