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Workplace Indoor Comfort Temperature Guidelines in Paradise, NV; Osha Ideal Office Thermostat Setting & More Expect a Higher Level of Service

Being a business owner is extremely stressful and time consuming. If you own a business you know just how many decisions it takes each and every day to keep your business growing. Some of the decisions that you make are large while others seem smaller and less significant. Knowing what to set your thermostat to in your office can seem like a very minor decision. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has some information that we think you want to hear on this subject. Studies have been done that may help you keep your office at the best temperature for your business.

Temperature Affects Movement & Feelings

Cornell University did a study that showed that keeping your office extremely cold actually decreases worker productivity. When the office was cold there were more typing mistakes and less output from employees. Their study showed that with a more moderate temperature, typing errors fell by 44% and output increased by 150%. Why does temperature matter so much? One reason is that temperature affects our movement. When we are cold our muscles tense and our ability to concentrate decreases. Another reason that temperature is important is because our brains associate temperature with feelings. Biological and psychological researchers have shown that the warmer you are, the more friendly you are likely to be. Researchers also state that cold is associated with feelings of isolation. This is in stark contrast to the desire for connection that you feel when it is warm. A cold office environment can also hinder employee relationships from being built. If you are cold you are likely to spend less time in casual conversation and meaningful interactions with your coworkers. Businesses where coworkers have truly bonded are significantly more likely to succeed and grow faster than businesses where the coworkers do not have friendships with each other.

Indoor Comfort

Not all businesses have customers that come into their office or store but if you do the comfort of your customers will need to be taken into account as well. Studies have found that if stores are too hot or too cold customers will not linger as long in the store. Keeping your store at a comfortable temperature that encourages customers to keep shopping will clearly help your business.

OSHA Ideal Office Temperature

So what is the best temperature to keep your office at? OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) recommends that employers maintain workplace temperatures between 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal office temperature according to researchers is 70-73 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What do you do if your employer is keeping the office too hot or too cold? We recommend that you say something. Many times employees will simply just suffer in silence. Frequently when one person says something other employees will speak up as well. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning hopes this information helps you know what to keep your office or retail space temperature at. In order for your heating and cooling systems to efficiently and effectively keep your location at the temperature you choose you will want to make sure that you have your unit routinely maintained. We recommend having a maintenance check on your units in the spring and the fall. Contact us today!