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When & How to Clean Air Conditioner Condenser & Evaporator Coils Inside Your Inspirada, NV House Expect a Higher Level of Service

Your HVAC unit is a huge portion of your home’s comfort level. The things that people need to stay comfortable starts with the temperature in the space you live. This is where your HVAC unit comes into play. The unit will work to cool or heat the home when you set the thermostat to a degree that you want. Heating or cooling the home is a way to have a nice level temperature so that you can get away from the weather outside. It can get quite hot or cold outside and being able to get out of it is a necessity now. You want to be sure that you take care of your HVAC unit and since the weather will start to warm up you want to focus on your air conditioner. One part of the air conditioner is the coils that are used to cool the air that is then being sent into the home. They are something that needs to be addressed specifically and cleaned.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Explains How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils

How Often Should AC Coils Be Cleaned?: The coils are part of the unit that is outside the house and that means that they can be covered in dirt and debris. The coils need to be cleaned so that they are able to do their job. The rule of thumb is that the coils need to be cleaned well a few times a year. This is only true in a perfect situation which means you need to look further into the weather in your area. If you are in a place that has winds and other adverse weather it can kick up enough dirt that will then attach to the coils. That is why you cannot use the rule of thumb. You may need to be have them cleaned more often to ensure that they are clean and working well.

How to Clean Evaporator Coils Inside House: When it comes to cleaning your AC coils there are some things you need to know. The coils are very delicate and can be damaged quite easily. That is why you need to be sure that you are gentle when cleaning your units coils. Some people think that they can use compressed air to brush it off but it will take more than that. You want to use a standard garden hose that you can adjust the pressure of. Turn it on and allow the water to flow over the coils to remove any caked on dirt and debris. The water will likely clean them off so that they are able to work well.

Hire a Professional AC Contractor: When you need to have your coils cleaned you need to look at hiring a professional. We are able to come out and clean the coils without causing any damage. If you try to clean the coils on your own you could damage them rendering them useless. That is why you want to use a company that has the ability to clean them and make any repairs that may be necessary.

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