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What Size Furnace Do I Need for My Rhodes Ranch, NV House? BTU per Square Foot Heating & Cooling Rule of Thumb Expect a Higher Level of Service

The summer weather is coming to an end and the fall weather is here! The fall weather is a great time of year to enjoy the cool crisp nights and pick up your favorite pumpkin and spice flavored foods and drink. The fall is also the start of the holiday season and the amount of time that people have guests in their home increases. This is also the season that people will switch off the air conditioner and get the heating system started. Many homes are equipped with a furnace that is a great option when needing to heat a home during the fall and winter months. Switching from cooling to heating means that your furnace is being turned on after a long rest. That is why it is important to have it inspected for damage and ensure it is in good working condition. If you have found that your furnace is in need of replacement you want to ensure you get the right size. The furnace you choose can be too small or too large which can cause some complications.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Offers Tips for What Size Furnace You Need for Your Home?

BTU Per Square Foot Heating & Cooling Rule of Thumb: When you are looking to replace your furnace you are going to see lots of sizes. When you are dealing with a company that has expertise in furnace repair and replacement we can help guide you. If you are doing your own research there is a general rule that applies to getting the right size furnace. You need to know what size your home is in the form of square footage. You also need to be able to calculate it against the BTU’s which is British Thermal Unit which is used to measure energy. For each 1,000 square feet of house you need to have 30 BTU’s.
Age of Home Indicates Size of Furnace Needed: You don’t have to just look at the square footage of your home but also the age of your home. The older a home is the more the BTU’s you will potentially need. The reason is that the house will be less energy efficient and therefore not able to keep the heat in as well. The older the house is the more you need to add to the BTU’s so that you can get your home to a comfortable temperature.
Windows Can Affect Size of Furnace Required: Windows will play a huge role in the energy that your home loses. The type of windows as well as the efficiency of the windows may require you to need a larger unit. Some of the windows that are older are not sealed well and the air can leak from these windows. If you have a lot of windows your home will get more heat from the sun that comes in the windows during the day. That means you may not need to use the furnace as much on a sunny day.

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