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How to Cool the Second Floor of Your House in North Las Vegas, NV; Seal Air Duct Leaks, Clear Vents & More Expect a Higher Level of Service

Cooling a two story home in the Las Vegas Desert, especially that is only equipped with one thermostat at the bottom floor, can be a challenge to keep cool when temperatures rise. With a few options and tips at your disposal, you can improve the comfort levels in your home as the cool air sinks, and the warm air rises, often leaving your second level warm and uncomfortable. We at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to list a handful of tips that can increase the comfortable temperatures throughout the two story homes.

How to Keep a 2 Story House Cool

1) Possible Air Duct Leaks: There are a few details that can lead to air ducts leaking the conditioned air out. Poor installation, faulty connections, tears and holes are a few examples. Lost air in your ducts will result in the central air system to compensate and eventually leading to more problems. If you suspect leak air ducts, contact a professional for a comprehensive inspections and detection service.

2) Attic Insulation: In order to keep your cool air in and the hot outside air out you need adequate quantities of insulation in your attic space. A contributing factor to uneven temperatures in multi-story homes is insufficient or low-grade quality insulation. Inadequate insulation creates a noticeable difference between the temperatures upstairs and downstairs of a home. The insulation needs to be the right type for your home and region as well as having sufficient amounts of it.

3) Air Vents used to Control & Redirect Air: Check the vents and remove any clutter that is blocking it or clean off any debris buildup. If the vents and registers are blocked by furniture or clutter, as well as accumulated dirt and debris, the air flow is restricted. This contributes to uneven temperatures throughout the home. Any dirt that has built up on the registers and vents can be easily cleaned with the vacuum using the hose and attachments to loosen and remove the debris. Follow by wiping down the remaining residues. By partially, but not fully, closing some of vents leading to some areas that are not frequently occupied on the first floor, you can redirect that air to the top floor. Keeping them partially opened is important as it helps alleviate pressure buildup in the system.

4) Thermostat Adjustment: The thermostat has a switch or setting that allows you to select either “auto” and “on.” By turning the switch to the “on” setting, unevenly cooled homes can be corrected.

  • The “auto” position: The auto setting enables the fan to only operate when there is a need for cooling and the outdoor unit is on to actively cool the home. It is important to note that adjusting the fan to “on” will help evenly cool the home but will cost about $5 – $20 per month more in electricity use, depending on the type of furnace blower.
  • The “on” position: Even when the system cooling cycle goes off, the system’s fan stays on and circulates air continuously. With the air continually circulating, the system has the ability to even out the first and second floors temperatures.

5) Zoning System: If the first four tips do not improve the problem, zoning systems can ultimately be the most optimal solution. Zoning systems are designed to allow homeowners to directly control the temperature in individual areas or floors of the home. Professionals can customize the zones in your home and recommend the quantity of zones depending on the current heating and cooling system, size, and layout of your home.

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