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How to Check for Drafts & Find Air Leaks Around Doors & Windows in Your Henderson, NV House & the Importance of AC Inspections t Expect a Higher Level of Service

When the hot summer months are here you are sure to crank on the AC unit. The unit works to cool the home down and to remove the humidity in the house that tends to create heat. The heat is actually pulled out of the house and the cool air is recirculated until the temperature is what you set your thermostat to. The summer is the time of year that most people will keep their doors and windows closed tight. The old saying “were you born in a barn” is all about letting the cool air escape through a door that is left ajar. The more you allow air to leave the home the longer the unit has to work to cool your home down. This means that you are not working efficiently and you are using more energy that will show up on your electric bill. Lastly the unit will not last the amount of time that it is expected to because it is ringing too often. Leaving a door open is one way that your cooled air can escape but that is not the only way. There are areas in your home that can be quietly leaking the cool air and you may not even know it.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Several Areas that Your Cooled Air Could Be Leaking Out of Your Home

Seal Windows to Stop Air Leaks: How often do you go around and inspect your windows in your home? Most people don’t pay any attention to the windows unless the glass is broken. The glass is really only one defense for the elements but there is another part of the window that matters just as much. Around the window there is weather stripping that is soft and pliable. Over some time the weather stripping will start to warp and dry out. That is from the sun and the UV lights. The change in weather from cool air to warm air also plays a part in the damage to the weather stripping. Once that seal is broken or damaged the air that you are paying to cool down your houses is leaking outside.

Stop Air from Leaking Around Doors: The doors that block the weather from outdoors to your home are a necessity. They are needed to get in and out of the home but they need to be sturdy enough to be secure. The doors are many times made of wood and have some weather stripping around them. Each of them can cause the door to have a draft that can suck the air out of your home. The wood can start to warp and shrink from the different types of weather. The fit of the door is important and when it isn’t tight the air can start to leak out and that means the AC works harder.

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If you are concerned about the weather stripping around your doors and windows you can have them replaced. This is an important part of the efficiency and life of your AC unit. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning offers professional air conditioner inspections where we can check your ductwork for leaks and take the appropriate actions to fix them. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.