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How Does a Heat Pump Work in Las Vegas, NV Cold Winter Weather? Heat Pump Efficiency & Preventive Maintenance Expect a Higher Level of Service

Heat pumps are devices that transfer heat from a colder area to a hotter area by using mechanical energy. It is not new technology and has been around for some time now. Refrigerators and air conditioners are common examples of this technology operating only in the cooling mode. A refrigerator is pretty much a box that is insulated with a heat pump attached to it.

How Does a Heat Pump Work in Hot Summer or Cold Winter Weather?

The heat pump works by circulating a substance called refrigerant through a cycle or evaporation and condensation. The refrigerant is pumped between two heat exchanger coils through compressor pumps. The refrigerant will evaporate at low pressure and will absorb heat from its surroundings in one of the coils and the refrigerant will then be compressed on its way to the other coil. There it will condense at high pressure and when it gets to this point, the heat will be released that was absorbed previously in the cycle.

Heat Pump Efficiency in the Las Vegas Valley

If you are looking to repair of replace your HVAC unit you may want to consider a heat pump. Heat pumps seem to be getting more popular. The biggest reason to consider a heat pump is that it works in both cooling and heating. Another way to look at a heat pump is like an air conditioner that can reverse the direction that it works in. Adding to that is the fact that a heat pump works extremely well in hot desert climates. When a heat pump is in the cooling mode it is as powerful as a standard air conditioner in the same size making it as effective as an air conditioner so the home will not lack in cooling. When a heat pump is heating it is not as effective as other heating methods because it needs to draw heat from outside. This may only be an issue in really cold climates. Las Vegas winters are mild enough to allow a house to remain warm for the time it needs to stay in the heating mode. One thing to keep in mind is to stick with a traditional air conditioner if you’re just planning on using it for cooling.

Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance

If your heat pump is functioning properly you will save energy. Proper maintenance is key to an efficient operation. You should change filters once a month or as needed and have it serviced once a year. The difference in energy consumption between a well-maintained heat pump and one that isn’t ranges from 10% to 25%. Dirty coils, filters and fans will reduce the amount of airflow in the system and will affect the performance and may damage the compressor. Other things you can do to maintain your heat pump system is to clean the outdoor coils if they look dirty and turn the power off for the fan and clean it. You should remove debris from around the unit. The registers in the home need to be cleaned and if the fins are bent they should be straightened out for maximum efficiency.

Heat Pump Installation, Replacement, Emergency Repairs & More in the Las Vegas Valley Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Heat pumps are well suited for the Vegas Valley desert. If you have any questions about heat pumps or the installation of one, give Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating a call.