Best AC Temperature Thermostat Settings in North Las Vegas, NV & How to Keep House Cool in Warm Weather by Changing Air Filters to Increase Air Flow & More

Summer will be here before we know it. Hot temperatures make us uncomfortable and have us seeking the comfort of our air-conditioned homes. What is the best temperature to set your air conditioner to in the summer? This is a great question and the answer can be a little hard to figure out. If you set the temperature too high your home can become uncomfortable, too low and you’ll have huge energy bills. So how do you figure out what the ideal temperature is? Setting it very low in an attempt to cool your home faster doesn’t work like you think it might. The air conditioner will run at the same speed regardless of what the temperature is set to and will drop below comfortable temperature while continuing to use energy-costing you more money than you need to spend.

Finding the Right Temperature Setting Balance on Your Thermostat

You’ll need to find a temperature that everyone living in the home can be comfortable with. This of course needs to be within reason. Some might have to give up a little of their own comfort for the good of the whole family. A temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature that the Department of Energy recommends in your home during the summer months. Discuss this temperature with your family to find an efficient and comfortable temperature for the home. You can also perform a little experiment too. When you have the whole family at home, set the temperature in the house to 81 degrees for a little while and wait and see how your family reacts to the temperature of the home. Over the next few days and for the same amount of time, you can lower the temperature by 2 degree increments until you get to 71 degrees. You’ll probably find that your family will be most comfortable at a temperature between 73 and 79 degrees when they are active.

How to Keep House Cool in Summer

Over 70% of American homes have air conditioning. Running the AC on high will raise your energy bills. Each degree that you raise the thermostat can save you 3 to 5% on your air conditioning costs. Think of it this way — if you run your air conditioner at 74 degrees Fahrenheit and pay $150, raising the temperature a small amount, like 4 degrees could save you $25. What are some ways you can help keep your home cooler when it’s hot outside? Keep blinds closed during the day, use ceiling fans set counter-clockwise, close doors to the rooms not used during the day to keep the cool air out of them and consider cotton sheets during the summer months. You can turn on bathroom fans to pull hot air out. open your windows at night, to let the cool air in if the night temperatures get significantly lower and cook outdoors to prevent heating up the house. Always remember to clean the air filters because dirty air filters don’t just reduce air quality, they reduce the air flow in your home.

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