Benefits of Ultraviolet Light Sanitizers in Seven Hills, NV; Eliminate Odors, Reduce Sickness, Allergies, Asthma & More

For those who may have respiratory conditions such as asthma, or even suffer from indoor allergies, you may be looking for ways to have cleaner air in your home. Air ducts are filled with dirt, mold and other contaminates that can affect a home’s indoor air quality. To have cleaner air it often requires air ducts to be cleaned. However, is that really enough? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share how ultraviolet light sanitizers can benefit a home and its air quality.

How Ultraviolet Light Sanitizers Work

First to understand how an ultraviolet light sanitizer can benefit a home, you will first need to understand how it works. An ultraviolet light sanitizer is designed to kill microorganisms in the air. The ultraviolet light sanitizer can kill mold, germs and bacteria that affect the air. However, an ultraviolet light sanitizer isn’t intended for dander, dust or hair that can still affect the air quality. Ultraviolet light sanitizer is installed within the air handler which is where all of the conditioned air is passed through. This way all the air is cleaned of microorganisms. For those with sensitive immune systems and/or severe allergies an ultraviolet light sanitizer can help improve the quality of air. However, to capture the dander, hair and dust means you’ll need to keep all air filters clean. The air filters can help remove the dust, dander, pollen and other contaminants that are not affected by the ultraviolet light sanitizer.

How to Maintain Ultraviolet Light Sanitizers

Ultraviolet light sanitizers use light which is created by a special bulb that often needs to be changed out or cleaned. Dust can, over time, cover the bulbs which reduce the efficiency of the sanitizer. The bulbs may need to be cleaned and checked often in the event the bulb has burnt out and requires replacement. When installing an ultraviolet light sanitizer the contractor often offers maintenance services where they can come and check the entire HVAC system as well as the ultraviolet light sanitizer and change out the bulb and other basic maintenance when needed.

Benefits of Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer

Essentially, the main benefit of an ultraviolet light sanitizer is improving your indoor air quality. By killing the microorganisms that are in the air, you can reduce the risks of asthma attacks and illness. During flu season an ultraviolet light sanitizer can kill the germs from viruses and reduce the chances of illness spreading throughout the home. Ensuring your home has cleaner air can help put the homeowner’s mind at ease. Ultraviolet light sanitizers are most often used in homes when a household member suffers from respiratory conditions or immunity problems to help make the indoor air cleaner.

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