Benefits of Spring AC Tune Up Maintenance in Sun City, NV; Catch Small A/C Problems, Lower Cooling Bills & More

With spring just around the corner, it is the time of the year to begin your pre-summer maintenance check before the heat hits. Human behavior being what it is most of us will procrastinate this routine until summer is upon us. And with summer temperatures just around the corner it may be a scorcher this year, many of us will not start the summer with our AC systems intact. Why maintenance?

Catch Small AC Problems

Maintenance checks and find and solve many issues before they become costly. Better a service fee than a replacement fee. With the requirements of minimum 14 SEER replacements the cost has gone up. It is better to the fix the small problems like cleaning the coils and evaporators. Checking fan motors and bearings and the various circuits, valves and of course the key component, the compressor.

AC Repairs Lowers Cooling Bills

All that cleaning and inspecting mentioned above equates to a more efficient unit that would otherwise burn more power to operate. Maintenance can return lower power bills. The summer AC usage is the biggest consumer of electrical energy in the home. More than electrical water heaters and electrical clothes dryers.

Longer Air Conditioner Life Expectancy

Even if the expensive problems rear their ugly heads, its best to handle replacements when demand is low and prices more reasonable. Replacing an AC unit in August is not an ideal time. It is the busiest time of the year for the air conditioning companies. And a three or more day wait to get cool can be a real test of intestinal fortitude. Well maintained systems tend to live longer, than a neglected system. Saving replacement costs.

Spring AC Tune Up Checklist

Electrical connections deteriorate, wiring is a constant point of failure for exposed power and control lines. Leaf litter and dirt in the condenser coils means the unit must work much harder to get the job done. Fan motors need to be cleaned and those without sealed bearings need to be lubricated. Some systems have belt driven fans instead of direct drive fan and motor systems. Belts need to be inspected, adjusted and changed inf cracked and have dry rot. Water condensation can be a nuisance or even damaging if left to run across the rood of roof mount systems. The condensate pan and lines need to be cleaned and any potential stoppage cleared. Refrigerant levels need to be check. Two things that have a negative impact is low refrigerant levels. The other is dirty evaporation coils and condenser coils. They look like the radiator of your car. They must be free of grass, weed, caked on dirt and leaf litter. And the fins need to be straight to promote the even flow of air and the exchange of heat. Many thermostats have backup batteries. These should be replaced every spring to avoid having to reset them during blackouts. The batteries hold the setting in the event of power failure. Ducts should be cleaned if they are sheet metal. The downside of the plastic ducts is that though insulated and good for 20-25 years, they will eventually need replacement. You cannot clean them as the brushes will shred them. They oxidize and get brittle and crack. It is a trade off between inexpensive installation and long-term life of the system. Most of us don’t expect to live in a home for 25 years or more and seldom think ahead that far.

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