Benefits of Furnace Blower Cleaning Maintenance in Tuscany Village, NV; Improve Heating Efficiency & More

Has your heating bill been higher this winter season? Or has the furnace been short cycling or overheating? A higher heating bill, short cycle and or overheating is often a sign the furnace’s blower needs cleaning. When the furnace blower is dirty it can cause poor efficiency and additional stress on the heating system. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the many benefits of maintaining and keeping the furnace blower clean.

Basics of a Furnace Blower Wheel

One of the major components of a furnace is the blower wheel. The blower wheel in encased within the furnace which keeps it out of sight. Because this component is out of sight it is all too often forgotten. The blower wheel plays a major role in the home heating system as it pushes the heated air through the air duct system and into each area of the home. When the blower wheel is stressed because it is dirty, it can cause poor air flow, and prolong the heating cycle which causes short cycling and overheating.

Benefits of Blower Wheel Cleaning

There are many benefits of maintaining a clean blower wheel. For starters, it will improve the heating efficiency. Your home will be warmer and at the same time, it will reduce the cost. You can decrease or maintain a lower heating bill by maintaining the furnace including keeping the blower wheel clean. By cleaning the blower wheel you can prevent corrosion, and formations of scales as well as sludge build up. Additionally the blower will be far less noisy when running. You can also avoid cold spots in the home and prevent the pump from getting sticky.

Prevent Furnace Blower Problems

There are other aspects to the furnace system that can affect the blower. Therefore, you will want to keep the air filters changed out on time. When switching to the furnace, make sure the thermostat is properly programmed for the winter season. The gas valves and gas burners should also be checked and cleaned as they can cause corrosion or scaling on the blower wheel. The pilot light often needs to be cleaned or it may not ignite the burners. Another major component that should be checked is the circuit board. The circuit board needs to be tested once a year for any faulty codes. To help prevent corrosion or scales that affect the blower, the flue pipe needs to be kept cleaned and open to ensure the emissions flow out and away and not into the blower.

Furnace Blower Cleaning Maintenance Checklist

The blower also has a number of smaller components that if one fails, the entire blower can fail. When having the blower cleaned, the blower fan, belts, bearings and pulley need to be checked, cleaned and lubricated. During the blower cleaning and maintenance, a professional HVAC technician can adjust the fan speeds. During the blower cleaning, it helps to maintain other aspects of the furnace such as the motor, wiring, dampers, the heat exchangers, and condensate system should all be inspected, cleaned and lubricated.

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By maintaining the blower and other primary components, you can ensure a healthier heating system, and have less problems occurring. If you need your blower or other furnace components repaired, maintained or inspected, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.