Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Unit Systems in Spring Valley, NV; Easy Installation & More

In the past if you had a small space that you wanted to cool you would have been guided to a window air conditioning unit as the unit of choice. Over the last several years mini-split air conditioning units have gained in popularity. They are a great alternative for home and business owners that are trying to decide between a window-type air conditioning unit and a central split unit. Today Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will outline some of the benefits of purchasing a mini-split air conditioning system.

Solves One Room Hotter or Colder than the Rest

Many homeowners have one room in their home that is consistently hard to heat or cool. This could be because of the way that your air duct system was installed or the way that the sun hits that room throughout the day. If you have a room that your family does not utilize because the temperature is not comfortable a mini-split system is a perfect solution for you! Installing a mini-split system can help this room maintain a temperature that is comfortable at all times so that you will want to be in there more often.

Ductless Mini Split AC Systems are Efficient

Mini-split air conditioning systems are ductless. Standard air conditioning units require ducts to be installed in your home so that the air can run through your home. The mini-split does not have ducts which results in less energy being lost when the air travels through the ducts. The lack of ducts is more efficient than a standard air conditioner with a duct system. Your power bill could be reduced by a considerable amount per month with this more efficient system.

Easy Air Conditioner Installation

As stated above the mini-split system is ductless. Being able to skip the ductwork installation clearly cuts down the installation process by a large amount. Permanent ducts do not have to be installed throughout your house with the mini-split. They are also more compact in size so a smaller hole is need for the conduit. Window units are easier to install then mini-splits but they are not nearly as efficient.

Quiet Cooling Operation

Window units and portable air conditioners are typically loud when they are running because the motor is located right next to the unit. The mini-split air conditioners are made of two or more units – the outdoor and several indoor units, the motor is not located right next to the unit. The motor is located further away so it is quieter when it is running.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

If the indoor air quality of your home is poor your family can have experience negative health consequences. These problems can be especially noticeable in individuals with allergies or respiratory problems. Many times one of the reasons that your indoor air quality is poor is due to dirty ducts. The mini-split system is ductless. Not having the ducts to travel through keeps the air in your home more pure. It is equipped with a filter that will help remove any unwanted particles.

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If you think that a mini-split air conditioning system may be the right fit for your home give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call today. We specialize in installing and maintaining mini-split systems. We can help you decide on a unit that will best the needs for your home or office and help you get it properly installed.