Benefits of Clean Indoor Air Quality & HVAC Ducts in North Las Vegas, NV; Aids Sleep, Alleviates Allergies & More

Breathing is so natural, so much so, that is an involuntary act. A person breathes in approximately 388 cubit feet of air a day. With that statistic, wouldn’t you want that air to be high quality? If you have ever been in a stagnant, filthy room, you know that breathing can be unpleasant and under extreme circumstances, difficult to breathe. With a properly operating HVAC system, your air ventilation would better benefit you. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to reiterate some of the benefits of clean, good quality air.

Why is Clean Indoor Air Important?

Optimal HVAC system performance lowers energy costs. When taking the proper protocol to ensure your HVAC system is running adequately and efficiently, your system isn’t working overtime, collecting time and half on your energy bill. Make sure your system is inspected twice a year by a professional for proper maintenance, an regularly replace your air filter.
Good air quality makes breathing easy. With clean, high quality air, breathing isn’t labored, and your body is getting the appropriate amount of oxygen it needs. In poor air quality conditions, breathing can be shallow, and lead to respiratory issues, and other relate ailments.
Good quality air promotes a good night’s rest. Counting sheep will be optional. In our unconscious state, our breathing becomes deeper and steadier. But if your breathing is frequent or labored during your twilight state, you are more than likely easily awoken, or having a restless night where sleep is not satisfying and you are never truly rested. With clean indoor air, your respiratory system is better treated during your deep breathing, sleeping ritual.
With poor air quality, allergies are aggravated. Between dust, animal dander, pollen, mold spore or cockroach particles; allergy sufferers all over the world are coming on with hay fever. These nasty particles and debris contribute to sneezing, congestion, itchy throats, irritated eyes or hay fever. Having the best clean air will greatly reduce those allergies from rearing their ugly heads.
Good air quality reduces offending odors. Odors are a daily occurrence, between cooking, indoor pets, and other regular life events; odors are emanating. It is proven that smells affect the mood. Where pungent odors have a tendency to make the average person grumpy, irritable, or even stressed. Pleasant fragrances can induce peacefulness, relaxation and happiness which contributes to a balanced heart rate and breathing. With sufficient air flow and ventilation, odors can be quickly dissolved.
Good air quality stabilizes humidity. With good indoor air quality, your humidity levels are perfectly balanced. Not only can an abundance of humidity be uncomfortable to breathe and function in, it also contributes to mold growth. Deficient humidity levels promote cold, dry air which in turn lead to static charges, dry skin, nosebleeds and bad hair days. Some thermostats will read humidity levels, and display them. Indoor levels should be between 35%-45%.

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With winter on the horizon, it is best to contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to come and do a heating inspection and maintenance check to ensure you furnace is going to run optimally this winter, and producing perfect air quality for your home.