Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing in Eldorado, NV; Improved Air Quality, Increased Efficiency & More

There are many different areas of your home that need to be cleaned routinely to keep your home nice and clean. Floors, countertops, sinks, mirrors, and more all need to cleaned regularly. These items are typically on everyone’s list of things to clean. Other areas of your home do not get cleaned as often because they require hiring a company to perform the service. One area that many people do not clean as often as they should is their air ducts. Here at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning we can help you with that! Today we want to give you some of the biggest benefits of calling us to clean your air ducts.

Improved Air Quality

Indoor air quality is defined by the EPA as “the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.” If the indoor air quality in your home is not very good it can cause a variety of problems. Anyone in your home that suffers from allergies or asthma will have increased respiratory problems if your indoor air quality is poor. Cleaning your air ducts will ensure that your indoor air quality improves. Your entire family will thank you.

Increased HVAC & Air Flow Efficiency

When your air ducts have a large amount of dirt, dust, and grime in them it can restrict the air flow in your air duct system. If your air flow becomes restricted your heating and air conditioning system will have to work harder to cool or heat your home. The more that your unit has to work, the more it costs you every month. Cleaning your air ducts will improve the air flow in your home and increase your efficiency.

Remove Odor from Air Ducts

As your heating and air conditioning system works to keep your home at a comfortable temperature it requires air to flow through your air ducts. Pets, household cleaning agents, paint fumes, mold, tobacco use, and food preparation can all leave lingering odors that find its way into your air ducts. Over time these smells can cause an unpleasant aroma in your home. Cleaning your air ducts will help get rid of these odors.

Less Dust

If you look around your home you will probably notice that there is more dust in your home than you may have thought. Dirty air ducts add more dust to your home. As your heating and air conditioning system runs, dust in your air ducts comes into your home. Cleaning your air ducts gets rid of the dust in your air ducts which also reduces the amount of dust in your home.

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After reading all of the benefits of having your air ducts cleaned you are probably ready to schedule your appointment. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would love to come out and help you get the air ducts in your home clean. Give us a call to set-up your appointment.