Benefits of AC Replacement in Spring in Las Vegas, NV; Cheaper, Easy Scheduling & More

When you know your air conditioner during the previous summer season was struggling to run and keep your home cool and is on its last limb, it may be time to replace the unit. When your air conditioner has been showing signs that it is heading toward the end of its life, you will want to consider having your air conditioner replaced. Often an air conditioner will have the life span of fifteen to twenty years or more with proper care. Excessive wear and tear and the age of your air conditioner when it is over 15 years of age, it is probably time to have the air conditioner replaced. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share how the spring season is a perfect time of the year to have your air conditioner replaced.

Spring Weather is Ideal to Replace AC

Spring is short in southern Nevada, and we will turn off our heating systems and open up the windows for a few weeks of the year. While the weather is nice and you do not need to depend on your air conditioner just yet, this is the best time to have your air conditioner replaced. However, even though the weather is ideal for air conditioner replacements, there are other benefits of having your air conditioner replaced during the spring.

Scheduling AC Replacement is Easy in Spring

During the spring an HVAC service is not nearly as busy as they are in the summer. During the hot summer season, the air conditioner is under a lot of stress and they often need repairs or replacement, which keeps HVAC companies very busy. If you know your air conditioner is on its way out, you do not want to wait until summer to have the air conditioner replaced. You will find you may have to wait days and possibly weeks before you have your air conditioner replaced. You will find you will be able to have your air conditioner replaced quickly while HVAC services are slow and they have plenty of time to get your unit and have it replaced.

Cheaper to Buy & Install AC Units in Spring

During the summer months is when most air conditioners break down and need repairs or replacement. Due to the increase demand for parts and units during the summer, they tend to increase in price. When you are looking to buy a unit in the spring, you will be able to purchase a unit before the prices increase. If you want to save some money on a new unit, it is best to replace the unit in spring.

Save Energy in Spring

When you have a new unit replaced during the spring, you will have a fresh and brand new unit for summer. New units are designed to be more energy efficient. This means a new air conditioner will cool your home better and use less power which saves you money on your power bill. Instead of running a worn down unit that costs more and more money as it wears down, your bill will only increase until the unit fails. You can avoid those unexpected costs and have the unit replaced and ready for the intense summer heat.

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If you want to have your air conditioner evaluated and potentially replaced during this spring season, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.